Lost in L.E.S

The other day my friend Ingrid and I headed to L.E.S to check out some new galleries and some new & old shops in the area. We love getting lost in the city and this day was no exception. We didnt let the cold keep us in. We visited some great shops, ate at a great spanish restaurant, and visited a few galleries in the area. What more could you ask for?

It was a bad hair day so I wore my wig. It actually looks cute with my knitted hat I bought at Mandee. This coat is by Erin Fetherston for Target, I love it because its so girly but dark at the same time. In the Winter I live in American Apparel faux-leather leggings because they are super warm worn over tights. My boots are by Steve Madden and they are really great in the snow, I was so shocked. I bought my purse at VLV 2 years ago, I forgot the artists name but I LOVE this purse.

The velvet heart pockets, bold shoulders, giant heart on the back had me sold the day I laid eyes on it.

Ingrid looked HAWT in her Coogi coat and her adorable brown wedged boots. She has a really cute plaid button down underneath that matches her outfit perfectly.

Her pants are cordoroy, perfect for the Winter because they keep you warm!

First stop. Self Edge. This is one of my favorite shops in L.E.S and they don’t even sell anything for girls! I still love it regardless because it has a Vintage/Cali/Greaser feel to it. Make sense? Even the customer service is great. I have met a few guys at Self Edge and they were all super cool especially Allen (the guy in this picture). It’s really cool when stores have a great atmosphere, it makes it comfortable for customers who want to shop or simply browse around. I should probably hang around that shop more often, any guy who shops there could probably steal my heart. Self Edge is connected to the rockabilly scene and last summer they had “Omar and the Stringpoppers” play out front. I was in disbelief as I met that band in Mexico on the Bettie Page Cruise. I love that Self Edge is bringing us the essence of the West coast. I think NY needs to be exposed to the Cali culture.

Ingrid loved the shop as you can see here.

Ingrid found this great varsity jacket that fit her remarkably.

How cute is this jacket on her?!?!

I love their shoes. I wish I was a guy just for a second just so I can rock them lol.

This jacket makes me swoon.

Next stop. Moscot, the most amazing optical shop I have ever been to.

See this sign? It is a hand painted sign from the 1950’s. Moscot has survived 100 years in L.E.S and is in its original state.

I love the way the showroom was decorated. They did an amazing job keeping the history of Moscot alive.

Love ❤

There was a band playing earlier at Moscot. Too bad we missed it 😦

They don’t make them like this anymore! ❤

How cute is ingrid in these frames? lol She was gagging over so many pairs of glasses. I can’t lie, so was I!

I like..

So amazing!

Can I have everything on this corner table please?

My favorite section of the shop. WOW.

My girl Sarah would LOVE these.

Many of the vintage frames at Moscot weren’t even for sale, they were just for show and it broke my heart.

Like these…:(…I am in love.

Check these out!

Oh man so old school!

We came across a bar that had a gallery going on. I love this pic, this guy must be a die-hard Coney Island fan. I dig it!

I love extreme sports.


So cool.

They had an old photo booth in the back!

I have pretty friends. just sayin.


There’s a guitar shop around the way that was pretty cool too. I love them all!

After this we went to a spanish spot to eat because we were starving (when aren’t we?). Then we took our tired butts home.

Great Times!


6 Comments on “Lost in L.E.S

  1. We wore our coats on the same day! Only…I wore mine to my classroom. LOL I’d would have preferred getting lost in LES. My kids kept asking, “Why do you have a heart on your back?” and “Can we touch your hearts?” Funny.

  2. The purse looks like Leshposh. It’s a tattoo artist that also makes purses like that. I am pretty sure it’s her. She’s on FB

  3. What a fun day! I want to check out that shop (Sol Moscot)…I’ve been meaning to forever!

    Question for you: where did you get your wig? I’ve been looking for a cute one like that. I have one in silver (also a bob) that I wear for going out at night sometimes, but I’d love to get one in black for day wear.

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