What’s in YOUR makeup bag?

75% of women all over the world who wear makeup do not know that they are artists. Most of us love the art of makeup as if it was in our nature to gloss our lips and line our eyes. Painters paint on canvases but women are a work of art in itself. It takes great imagination and technique to blend, clash, and contrast colors, shades, and tones. If you can put on your makeup, you could very well paint on canvas. It’s not about NEEDING to wear makeup, makeup is fun and a great way to be creative. This is where technique comes into play. For the most part, women match their makeup to the clothing they wear. However, sometimes makeup can overpower an outfit. Its like wearing an elegant gown with untamed hair. Hair and Makeup is what completes an outfit and I try to keep my style of makeup balanced so it isn’t overkill. For example, you can’t have a blue smokey eye, hot pink blush, and red lips. Its overkill. If you are going to do a smokey eye, ALWAYS do a nude lip. You don’t need a makeup bag the size of Texas, my makeup bag has just enough items that I can rotate and play around with. I know and you know that having a makeup bag FULL of items you don’t really wear can make your purse weigh a ton.

Inside I will show you whats in my makeup bag and 4 different styles of makeup that I rotate on a daily basis based on my outfit of choice.

These are 4 looks I rotate depending on my outfit of choice.

  1. A regular cat eye with bare lips. I draw out a thick cat eye and I blend a black shadow over the top. When I do this look I usually just darken my eyebrows with a black shadow, apply a soft blush, Lightly brush on Mascara, and I leave my lips bare. Sometimes I use a nude shadow under my brows for contrast. This look is the one I use the most.
  2. This is my DEEP smokey eye, I use black liner and shadow on the top and bottom of my eyes. I add mascara, darken my eyebrows, use a bit of blush, and a nude lip with a little bit of gloss and I call it a day. Sometimes I use a nude shadow under my brows for contrast.
  3. Top-lid Smokey Cat eye with Mac Ruby Woo red lips. I just apply some mascara, a little bit of blush, darken my eyebrows, and call  it a day.
  4. Cleopatra Eyes. I usually create this look when I am wearing something that reminds me of Cleopatra or a cat. I know I am inspired by some weird things but hey, I make it work! This is a deep smokey eye with a gold contrast. I like to put gold eye shadow at the beginning of my eyes followed by a strong lines beneath the eye that connects to the winged tips of my cat eye.

To create these looks all you need are these essentials. This is exactly what is in my makeup bag.

Mac SPF foundation.

I only use this as a base over & under my eyelids. I have sensitive skin so I do not like to apply liquid foundation all over my face.

Bare Minerals Matte Foundation.

Bare Minerals uses natural components that work well with my skin. It is a light powder that works as a foundation but allows your skin to breathe. I use this to balance my skin tones.

Mac liquid Liner.

I use Mac Liquid liner like nobodys business. I cannot live without my eye liner and dont really leave the house without it. It is the perfect shade “Boot black” and it never fades. It’s a shame it runs out too quickly.

Pinch Me Blush.

I use Mac Pinch Me blush to give myself rosy cheeks.

Mac Black Eye Shadow.

This is my go-to item for smokey eyes. Because I have dark features I can get away with dark colors like this.

Nars Mascara.

I loveee this Mascara because it makes my lashes look very long. It also lasts very long too and doesn’t smudge.

Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick.

I can’t live without it. It is THEE perfect red shade and looks great on everyone. The fact that it is matte makes it even better because it doesn’t bleed.

Mac Viva Glam Gaga lipstick.

This is the perfect shade of pink and goes really well with a smokey eye.

Mac Show Orchid Lipstick.

This is the perfect shade of hot pink that works well with a sleek cat eye.

I have millions of other makeup products but these are my essentials. I also go to regular Beauty Supply shops to buy eyeshadows. One thing I will tell you is to always buy liquid liners from big names, cheap eye liner can burn your eyelids and give you an allergic reaction. Shadows are safer buys at local beauty supplies. Hope this helped you all and I plan to do video tutorials this year as promised!


10 Comments on “What’s in YOUR makeup bag?

  1. thanks bebe. Your skin tone is kinda close to mine, or so it looks, so I’m stoked on these lipstick shades. xo.

  2. Deff wanna buy that Mac liner, I have this liner by Palladio and it kinda burns my eyes and by the end of the day, it like melts off my face even if used with primer. UGH

  3. you should do a video tutorial on how you do your signature cat eye 🙂 I’ve been trying to do it, but no damn luck.

  4. I’ve been waiting on your makeup tips forever!!! lol thanks for sharing xoxo

    PS – I wear the viva glam lipstick too!

  5. Great!! Thanks for the info 🙂 I love your blog

    What do you use to darken your eyebrows: pencil or brow powder?

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