Betsy Johnson Pop-up shop Goodies!

The Betsey Johnson pop-up shop is now closed, however, I managed to snag myself some cool items before they shut the joint down! The pop-up shop was like a continuation of the last sample sale BJ had at the millenium hotel with the some new and old pieces at great prices. I worked a few days at the sale and every single day that I worked I ended up finding something new that would just end up on the clothing rack. That’s kinda how sample sales work, somehow, someway, something ends up appearing on the rack that you didn’t see yesterday. Anyway I snagged me a “Sex Pot” sweater dress, an adorable rose printed rain coat, and a sweat suit! Check em out!

I always wanted this dress, now my sweater dress collection is complete! Until she makes a different style of course 😉

I absolutely adore this rain coat! I have been dying to score a BJ rain coat for YEARS! So cute!

I can’t wait till Spring!

I told myself if I ever wear sweats it better be a special pair of sweats and I found them at the sale. Only my girl Kerin Rose and I saw potential in this sample. Maybe it’s because we are both loca when it comes to fashion. I initially wanted to buy this in black but before I could get it, it was sold :/. I didn’t fret, I actually love that you can see the contrast of the black collar on this one. I’ve worn it to DEATH since I purchased it. This two piece suit is perfect for winter with a sweater of course ;).

The pants are harem cut, I ADORE harem pants!

So comfy!

I’ll keep you guys posted on the next sale!


4 Comments on “Betsy Johnson Pop-up shop Goodies!

  1. the sweaterdress is pure love. love the lip color as well–a nice change from your usual red.

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