Buried TREASURE! Painted Tuxedo Wardrobe!

I found this BEAUTIFUL vintage hand painted Tuxedo Wardrobe at a local Antique shop by my old place. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it as I have been looking for a tuxedo wardrobe for my new place for some time now. The entire wardrobe was painted delicately and so perfectly and even though the pin-up was never finished, I was still fascinated by it. There was something eerie about it too and that made me want it even more. I wonder who the painter was and why he never finished the woman. It’s a shame it was terribly overpriced. I would have went home with this baby a long time ago, however, I am still thinking about it. It needs a little bit of work on the inside but overall it’s just buried treasure that was waiting to be found. If someone hasn’t purchased it already, it just might end up in my apartment.

a lil dusty but nothing too bad.

Ah I love vintage furniture!


4 Comments on “Buried TREASURE! Painted Tuxedo Wardrobe!

  1. That’s such a beautiful piece of furniture. I love the fact that it’s hand painted. And wow, the inside isn’t too shabby. The little compartments are amazing for organizing. GET IT!!!! 🙂

  2. Go find a closet at a flea market .. bet u can Paint yours wayyyy better and it will be cheaper

  3. Armoires are so handy. I’ve had one for for many years and will never part with it. Years ago when my kitty was still alive she used to love to cuddle up & sleep amongst the shoes and whatnot in the big section! So cute when used to see her peering out all comfy! (Boo, I miss my first little girl!) Mine is near exact — the interior is the same except I have a clothing rail going from side to side rather than the slide out metal piece in this one. Mine has a bit of carving on the exterior as well. Heeheebif xiurse I’d say you have great taste! Ive stripped and painted it so many times — unfortunately it’s veneer so doesn’t look so great brought down to the natural wood. I hope you can get it and I bet you’d do an amazing job finishing the pin up!

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