Brooklyn Bowl!

Last Friday my girl Ingrid asked me to attend an event at the Brooklyn Bowl in Willy B. Her favorite DJ, DJ Neil Armstrong was spinning there and Levi Maestro was hosting. I couldn’t resist a party so close to home with one of my favorite girls! We both arrived pinned up! My outfit was inspired by “Rosie the Riveter” who just passed away (R.I.P), I couldn’t help but pay homage to her on a great night like this one. I wore a gingham button down by Guess, those shiny disco pants by American Apparel, my new candy apple Steve Madden pumps, and my favorite pin-up clutch. Rosie would be proud, I got her whole look right down to the hair (with the exception of the pomp, you know I had to add my own twist to it)! Ingrid arrived in American Apparel jean leggings, a polo top, and some leopard pumps. Ingrid is always spontaneous and manages to make things that are opposites look great! Brooklyn Bowl is such a fun place and I think we will be going there more often since our Friday was so memorable. We danced, we bowled, we ate there, and we just chilled out to great tunes. The decor of this place was just how I like it, very Coney Island inspired. If you know how much I love Coney Island and the history of that theme park, you know I am obsessed! Even the crowd was great; the energy was live! It couldn’t have been a better Friday! Check out our pics!

Yes, I do indeed have cute friends. Isnt she a doll!?

Woot Woot! Had us dancing all night!

I have no idea who these people are but they wanted a picture, plus they were sweet!

The NY Pinup way!

Mirror pic!

I usually hate listening to bands play, dont ask why because I dont know why myself. However, this band was pretty amazing and had me dancing before the DJ started spinning.


My favorite clutch!

get em!

Ingrid and DJ Neil Armstrong, and a few of the guys out back lol

Levi and Ingrid looking adorable.


I’m assuming I was dancing.

Couch potatoe!


Her Brooklyn stance. lmao

Small but MIGHTY

Vinnie V!

Look at this lil sex kitten!

Yo Rosie!

The amazing Zargoooo

Ze Toilets!

Generic Mirror photo x2!

When we were about to leave we ran into our mutual friend Leo, who is a great stylist.



12 Comments on “Brooklyn Bowl!

  1. Ooohhh goodnessnessss!!! I CANT get enough of this outfit, it’s SOO FUEGO!!! 8D

  2. Ohhh my……….I absolutely love your outfit ! I think it’s one of your best outfits so far !!
    You’re both looking gorgeous !

  3. Loving the disco pants! I have these myself and I live in them 🙂 Can you please do a post about makeup – yours is always amazing and flawless!

  4. You are too adorable! I love your website. I always look foward to your posts to see the outfits that you’re wearing.

  5. you girls looked like you had a fun time! i NEED to get there looks like a great time…i love the decor! Especially the fortune teller! and of course you two look Beautiful!! 🙂

  6. This is cool I’m in the pic with Levi Maestro. I have a beanie on in the back. You girls definitely had peoples attention that night!

  7. I recently discovered you on PL (pinup lifestyle) and I am such an admirer of your style. I have a huge style crush! The clothes, the makeup, the hair… Mine never turns out as good. If you don’t mind my asking, for your faux bang/pomp, do you use a rat? And what eyeliner do you use? I have yet to find one I like and that doesn’t smudge.

    Thanks! 🙂

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