Fashion on a budget: Mandee!

While touring my new neighborhood I ran across a shop called Mandee and I regret not going in any sooner. If you are looking for deals on Steve Madden, Miss Sixty, and other brands, this is the go-to place. Even if you aren’t looking for any brands in particular, this is a great place for fashion on a budget. Sadly the staff at Mandee already knows me because I am constantly going in there looking for more bargains lol. Last week I took a friend there and ended up leaving with a pair of rain boots, some cute pom pom pumps, and a cool winter hat. Sadly I took her back the next day and I left with a coat….but it was on SALE!!! Ok so maybe I have a problem, but this is what I got!

My hat was $12.00 and my shoes were buy one get one %50 off! I ended up getting these pom pom pumps for $15!

I never owned a pair of rain boots because I think most of them are FUG (fugly: really ugly). However, these have a rock and roll twist to them, and in a snow storm like the one we just had-these will definitely do! I love them, they actually look cute on and you can’t go wrong at $24! [This was definitely a bargain because I went to ALDO the other day and saw the same boots for $45. Shame on you ALDO!]

While skimming through my favorite section, the saleeee section, I found this awesome dress coat! It reminds me so much of something Betsey Johnson would make that I couldnt resist buying it! I love the print and the price, just $24.99 because it was 50% off!

Finally something I can wear with these damn CL pumps!

Now go visit your local Mandees dolls!


8 Comments on “Fashion on a budget: Mandee!

  1. I love the pompom hat and dress coat! I also love your hair in those last pics! I’m trying to remember if I’ve seen it pulled back before; at any rate, looks like Mandee found a repeat customer.

  2. You definitely give me something to enjoy on my train ride! I love the CL’s…. xoxo hope you are doing well Jaz.

  3. OMG! THAT COAT!!! I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT IT AT MY JOB!! I NEVER SAW IT :(((((((( LOL IT LOOKS AMAZING ON YOU! & i def always go straight to the sale section, they have the best random and funky items i fall in love with! xoxox love ya

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