V.V styles Enchante!

My best friend Derek Santiago and I teamed up and conducted a shoot at my house for his lovely lady Enchante. I did her hair, Makeup, and styled her wardrobe and Derek took the photos with his Hipstimatic app on his phone. This was alot of fun for me because Enchante has the perfect length of hair for pinup styles. I gave her a pinup up-do and created a custom flower hair piece for her when I was done. I had her do 3 looks, 2 pinup and one that was very 1950s pin-up meets 1980s disco. I love to clash eras! Enchante has great energy and knows a great deal about the pin-up lifestyle so this was a breeze for her as far as posing and capturing the aura of the 1950’s. Check em out!


I gave Enchante a simple pin-up makeup look with cat eyes and a red lip.

This pin-up up-do is full of victory rolls. Not bad for winging it!

The Shoot


For hair/makeup/wardrobe styling please email me at vvmgmt@gmail.com


10 Comments on “V.V styles Enchante!

  1. She looks amazing, J!! What a lucky guy that Derek is! Still can’t believe this is shot with an iPhone!

  2. Im so geniunely happy at how these came out! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU so much!!!! Your are a genius at what you do 8) Not only do you know how to style, but you made me FEEL beautiful! It wasnt just a shoot, it was an expirience… I cant wait to work together again, ill never forget it!

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