“The Lovely Canary”

This is collection #3 of the photos I took with my friend Derek Santiago. I am wearing one of Bernie Dexter’s dresses which you will soon see me modeling professionally real soon. In these photos I am posing with an amazing book Derek Bought me for Christmas called “Bad girls need love too”. I am absolutely obsessed with the images and slick quotes in this book. I recommend it to anyone who loves pinups just as much as I do! Derek knows me so well! He also got me one of Dan De Carlo’s books in which I am incredibly inspired by, I love his work! I love my friend Derek more for getting me these great gifts and taking these great images!



6 Comments on ““The Lovely Canary”

  1. These are some great pics, they actually look like they came out of a vintage book.

  2. *Precaution*: Stalker quote ahead

    So, I spent New Year’s Day going through my website with my sister. I showed her your latest blog posts, gave your blog rave reviews, and let her see how awesome you are.

    My sister: Who takes all her photos?

    Me: Well, when she was living at home her mom/sis would help her out. Now that she lives alone she takes the pictures by herself. These photos were actually done by Derek. This is his website over here *opens new tab in browser*

    My sister: Do you even know her?

    Me: Not personally.

    My sister: Oh, you could have fooled me! I think you need to stay off her blog for awhile.

    Me: Never.


  3. i love the homey feel of these photos. they are sexy without trying to be, just doing the normal everyday things. The closest in feel to the “why don’t you love me” video by Beyonce that I love for bringing the 50s-60’s grainy feel back to film and video

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