Xmas Shopping!

This month I worked my butt off so as a reward to myself I did a little bit of shopping. I am trying to buy more tops and bottoms these days because my dress collection has overwhelmed everything in my closet. I also have been getting rid of garbage bags of clothing and shoes recently and I just feel like I need a new start to the new year with some new threads. The other day I stopped at H&M and they were having a huge sale. After that I headed to Buffalo Exchange in Brooklyn on a mission to find more Harem and trouser pants because I am obsessed. I hit the jackpot at both places and got exactly what I was looking for at just under $150! Here’s what I found!

I got this awesome leather Jacket from H&M for just $20!!!! I went back the next day to buy it for my sister and found out they were misprinted! Guess I got off easy!

I got this AWESOME top at Buffalo Exchange, its by a designer called Walter. The textile and Avant Garde construction is fantastic!

It has slits in the arms and a metallic sheen to it too!

I got this cute little vest at B.E too. I kinda fell in love with the pockets and how this vest can be transformed with a belt and give the illusion of a bustle.

Ok so I bought these pants in EVERY color. If you want American Apparel for cheap, visit your local Buffalo Exchange. Its my go-to spot for great AA pieces. I only paid $13.99 for them and they are $75 in  stores!

These are made from a different fabric but has the same fit, I love the thin light washed jean color!

I also got them in pink! What a great 1950’s color!

These are different and by a different brand I can’t remember off the top of my head right now but I fell in love with these too. You can’t go wrong with a black pair of high-waisted trousers!

Ok so you guys have already seen this outfit from my previous photos, this is an AMAZING top I purchased at H&M. The shoulder pads, satin neck bow, and lace make one awesome top. I am obsessed with it and I cant wait to wear this entire outfit out!

I feel like a Tim Burton Character in this sweater. Bought it. Love it. Enough said.

I also found this Betsey Johnson dress I always wanted at B.E! I love plaid!

Last but not least I got these boots! How could I not leave without them for just $14.99?

Good times, good finds!


11 Comments on “Xmas Shopping!

  1. You are impeccable! Im going to come to New York with a suitcase full of underwear so you can take me shopping and teach me style! 😀

  2. I said I wasn’t going to shop anymore and start saving to buy a house. Wellll, I’ve decided to drop er’thang and drive up to San Francisco. STAT. Or maybe even Santa Monica. Sucks that I live 2 hrs away from the nearest Buffalo Exchange, Crossroads, and H&M!

    So, yep, I’m off to retweet this post!


  3. You look fabulous in everything. Thats the great thing about you, anything you put on turns to gold.

  4. Beautiful!!! Omg if you ever feel the need to give donate clothes, send em over to Cali!! 😉

  5. OMG the pants and boots. I NEED those in my life. That lace top was such a luck find in H&M. I guess I need to go in there more. Awesome post J!

  6. You look amazing in all your outfits! Those are great finds….gotta love that B.E!

  7. I love your Vintage Style! You look so fab, especially in 1950s, 1960s! And you have the most awesome body I know, your curves are what every woman should wish for!


  8. totally wanted that fringey faux leather jacket from H&M but it fit me weird when I tried it, I am in between sizes now . But goood stuff girl as usual.

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