“The Nightmare after Xmas”

My friend Derek Santiago is not a certified photographer, however…he is my FAVORITE photographer and should be certified immediately. Derek is an incredible artist who creates beautiful works of digital art full of culture, color, and creativity. It makes sense that his eye for creating beautiful paintings works perfectly when he takes pictures. He always seems to capture me in a different light than most photographers. He knows all of the best angles, knows how to work with light, and can give me direction if my posture isn’t right. He’s my best friend so the fact that I am comfortable with him also plays a huge part. With that tell him and I collaborated again since our Evol Heist shoot whilst being snowed in and created 3 different collections of photos styled by moi at my place. This is one of them and because it is so creepy like the creep that I am, I decided to name this collection “The Nightmare After Xmas” hence loving the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by my idol Tim Burton. The photos have an eerie darkness to them, perfect for an eerie and strange person like myself lol. Check out the photos we took with hipstimatic!

Hair/MUA/Wardrobe: Me

This is a top I purchased at H&M a week ago (Post coming soon) paired with a Betsey Johnson skirt and Jessica Simpson bondage wedges.


10 Comments on ““The Nightmare after Xmas”

  1. Yo, sometimes the best things put together are the things we do ourselves. Like this shoot in your apt, girl.

  2. The lighting/styling are top notch. It’s amazing how you just know that short hair would look better than long hair; this instinct you have is ridiculously amazing. On the other hand, if you had your long hair I’m sure it would look just as amazing!

  3. Nice job Derek. Jasmin the pictures are very nice….love the way that wig looks on you. If you change your hair, I would like to see you in a haircut just like that wig. You should purchase a whole lot more wigs cause you certainly know how to work them and match them up with your style.

  4. These are absolutely lovely! Your outfit and hair are equally on point..also had no idea Derek was a photographer too. You both are so talented and creative. xoxo

  5. so funny how you can do so little and it works. he may not be a “real” photog but I love the feel of these photos and I can’t wait to see the other shoots in the post above. His digital work is amazing and I’m excited to see how he blends the two

    I love your vintage look and stylings. I have to find a way we can work together.

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