MAD for Steve Madden shoes!

I really have to stay away from Macy’s, every time I go in there they have a sale in the shoe section. I totally justified buying 4 pairs of pumps and 2 pairs of boots in the Steve Madden section because they were all so CHEAP! Plus I just gave away a garbage bag full of shoes that were done for; vintage shoes don’t last very long. Hell, why justify it? I work HARD, why not buy shoes?! Anyway, the pumps are all alike but in different colors and textures because they are sooo comfortable. I know these are all going to be my go-to’s amongst my collection of shoes because its my favorite style of shoe. The boots are great too because they are winter-certified; incredibly warm and comfy! I’m all set till I find another reason to buy a pair of shoes..actually I might need those patent red pumps in nude :D. The shoes above are my favorite out of the shoes I bought because it’s the perfect shade of gold and its sparkly! I think I might wear these on NYE for a bit of that spirit!

I bought these because they were sexy. Point blank. Look at that heel, I mean…Come on. Hot-sex-on-a-platter certified.

Candy apple red. Dont you just love Candy Apples?

Maybe I’ll wear these on NYE..Hmm..Decisions Decisions.

I LOVED these SO MUCH I got them in 2 colors. I just couldn’t leave without one or the other.

I love this colorway, its perfect for my baggy army printed pants! Winter, I’m ready and in fashion!

Now get your booties on over to Macy’s and SHOP 😉


4 Comments on “MAD for Steve Madden shoes!

  1. zomg, who makes that glittery pair!? I’ve been searching for a comfy pair forever!!!! Gonna check macy’s now!

  2. Macy’s gets me every time. It doesn’t help that they send me rewards coupons.

  3. I love the 1st glittery pair! What is the name of that style so I can get to Googling, lol

  4. OOOHH! I gotcha this time chica! Found my gold SMs at Ross for $15!!! Whoa! I’ve already worn them a few times and they are so amay-zingly fun

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