Betsey Johnson opens a Pop-up shop!

If you missed the last Betsey Johnson sample sale, have no fear the pop-up shop is here! Come get the same deals as the sample sale with prices ranging from: dresses at $65-$99, sweaters around $50-$65, T-shirts $35, short cardigans $35, and winter apparel and accessories around $25.

Come by and get styled by me!


3 Comments on “Betsey Johnson opens a Pop-up shop!

  1. Everyone who can, get down there soon while there’s still a great selection of styles and sizes, and pick up some great deals on fab items for you or gifts — you will not be sorry! I can just imagine the great holiday outfits now, this pop-up sale makes the holidays fun for everyone!

    Such great stuff! Betsy Johnson has always been such a fun designer with an equally fun design sense! I love my new dress, and will have so much fun styling it! I’ll def post pics and haven’t forgot, will forward the pic of you and the Punk Glam Princess in the am…. need sleep haven’t stopped since 4am this morning! As always it was a blast seeing you, and the PGP loves you just as much ad I! So happy we met!


  2. oh again those perfect sales:(
    u lucky girls!!!

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