Goodies from Fuego!

The other day I headed to Fuego to indulge myself in Mexican-folk-art-heaven. Fuego is one of my favorite stores in Brooklyn because I don’t have to travel all the way to Mexico to buy hand crafted Dia De Los Muertos figurines or any Mexican items for that matter. Fuego is not only cultured with Mexican folk art but it is also a great place to pick up pin-up stuff, I bought a pin-up flask there a few months ago. This time I bought a giant Corona Tray with a beautiful Mexican pin-up on it along with a Mexican pin-up Thermos mug and a Flaming heart that says “Te Amo”. I was extremely satisfied with my purchase and cannot wait to go back and purchase more! Check out my goodies and how my kitchen is turning out!

Cant wait to show you guys what I am doing with this heart!

I love this Thermos mug, I cant wait to put hot chocolate in it!

My mother bought me this Vintage Coca Cola napkin dispenser on Ebay and my friend Ingrid got me these Coca Cola mugs! I love it all!

looks great with the rest of my pinups and Coca Cola items!!

I love my 1950’s inspired dinning room table and stools!

Ok, so I know it looks like someone vomited pinups all over my kitchen. Doesnt matter, I absolutely love it! pinups every where!

More pics of my interior decorating soon!

Visit Fuego today!


4 Comments on “Goodies from Fuego!

  1. I have tons of those coca cola mugs! I remember my dad bringing them home but I don’t know where he got them from!

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