Shopping with my sister..

…dressed in all black like the omen.:)

This is a picture of my sister and I sitting down on a bench in Williamsburg. We went shopping and this is the only picture my mother snapped of our day.

lol we look tired and we havent even started shopping yet in this pic lol. My sister and I are such opposites of style, however, she has a very unique style of her own. I call her style “preppy chic” because she always looks like a stylish overachiever who attends some pricey university lol. My sister is very smart so I wouldn’t be shocked if she ends up getting a scholarship to some pricey university lol. I was dressed in all black because I was too lazy to dip into color. If you are wondering what I am wearing- I am wearing a leather coat that was a gift, a fur stole by Betsey Johnson, leather leggings by American Apparel, Jessica Simpson bondage shoes, and my Thomas Wylde Bag.

Cant wait to show you what I bought!


4 Comments on “Shopping with my sister..

  1. Damn Jasmin, you make jessica simpson shoes look like VERY EXPENSIVE SHOES!!!!

  2. Whether she s striking a pose on the red carpet or dressed down for some LA shopping this is one style savvy sister who never puts a fashion foot wrong.

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