Fashion Update!

Turns out my Birthday dress I got at Goodwill for $40 is Vintage Casadei (by: Eletra Casadei) says one of my readers (Thank you Tricia<3) and is selling for $425 on Etsy!

Also I just recently found out that my Safari Printed dress I got at Salvation Army for $6.99 is actually Versace (Thank you Oscar). Oscar said his mom paid $580 for the same dress on sale at Bergdorfs!

This just goes to show that I bought these items solely on taste. Both of these dresses I purchased have missing labels and I bought them because they were unique and beautiful pieces, it’s just great to know that I got more than I bargained for! This post is just another reminder that you never know what treasures you will find and how much money you could save if you went thrifting!

Yay to Thrifting!


10 Comments on “Fashion Update!

  1. That’s fantastic! It just goes to show that buying at charity shops (as we say in London) and vintage stores pays off, promotes the recycling of garments and gives an amazing story/background to the clothing. And the pay off for getting a Versace dress for $6.99 – very pleasing indeed!

  2. whoa….$6.99 for a Versace dress? thats crazy… you certainly have a keen eye for great pieces…

  3. Both dresses are amazing! I’m a thrifter & seller of vintage on Etsy too and I love finding amazing and unique items! There’s nothing like the high I get from finding something gorgeous! Lucky you because those dresses look amazing on you!

  4. I remember asking you who that Versace dress was by when you originally posted it because it just looks expensive! Oh my goodness, what an awesome find. As I said in the first post, if you EVER put this dress in your shop I am FIRST in line!

  5. You are the most gorgeous gal I have ever seen- your face is exotic and flawless, your style impeccable and unique and your figure is so womanly! Your blog is so inspiring and intriguing, keep up the fabulous work.

    Ps- what is your real name?!

    • wow, thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! You have completely made my night! My real name is Jasmin, nice to meet you Lauren! thank you for taking the time to read my blog! XOXOXO

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