Betsey Johnson Sample Sale preview!

I am sure the rain kept many of you away from shopping today at the Betsey Johnson Sample sale so for many of you who are trying to make it in for the next 3 days I decided to give you a preview of what you are in for. This has got to be the best sample sale of the entire year with nothing but brand new merchandise and many items that are still in stores! Just look at what I am wearing! These are pieces that are still fresh out of the fashion oven! I died when I found this bustle top and plaid dress! This Betsey Johnson sale is FULL of goodies for you and your loved ones. Many of you need to go Xmas shopping for your friends and family and there are tons of gift ideas at the sale. All of the Accessories are $45 or less, the separates are $50 or less, the dresses are no more than $65, and the outerwear is only $100! This is a sale you can’t miss, take it from someone who has been working the sale for years! Here are photos of the sale!


Lace, metallic, and leopards Oh my!

Flouncy high-waisted skirts!

Fur jackets and day dresses!

Jersey dresses and great funky tops!

racks and racks full!


This time the sample sale is also selling sunglasses! Look at how cute Daisy looks in her Marilyn tote and her fur jacket! I love her! lolol

Sweaters of all textiles and colors!

Tops made of the softest cotton! Perfume and lotion that smells delish!

Cashmere socks and gift sets!

Hat, scarf, and glove sets!

Adorable! Lol!

Shoes for all of you shoe-divas out there!

Pollys galore and all under $65!

Clutches, makeup bags, and party purses!

Leather bags too!

Tons and TONS of Jewelry!

Come to the Sale folks! There are 3 more days left!


10 Comments on “Betsey Johnson Sample Sale preview!

  1. I’m so bummed I can’t be there! I see so much current designs! Are there any black short thermal romper’s?
    Can’t believe pollys are under 65!
    Wish I was a new yorker right now! Haha

    You look gorgeous btw! I have that jAcket and love it!

  2. Oh my gosh, I wish I lived in New York right now.
    That lipstick scarf is TO DIE FOR!!! Do you have any idea if I’ll be able to find it at my local Betsey store or online?

  3. Nice look in the 1st pic!

    Are there always sample sales in the city around the holidays? If so, I’d be willing to make a trip up just for the bargains!

  4. I wish I was there to pick up a pair of those silver sparkling Polly’s!!!!!

    I’ve been to this sample sale once and it was one of the only sample sales where I actually found stuff that I wound up buying. Have you bought anything for yourself yet?

  5. Thanks so much for your comprehensive preview of the sale! My only regret was getting there so late, but the Punk Glam Princess and I made out really well nonetheless! and now you and I are dress twins! Cant wait to show off my goodies! The highlight was of course meeting you — you are as sweet, charming, and as gorgeous as your photos! I hope we can see each other again real soon! Thank you for making the experience that much better! And remember, if in can ever help you out, shout!

  6. Oh my gosh, I wish I lived in New York right now. That lipstick scarf is TO DIE FOR!!! Do you have any idea if I’ll be able to find it at my local Betsey store or online?

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