Basta Surf Swimwear!

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Styles I am wearing: Padang Padang in Grasshopper that reverses to a dark green color, Raglan Tri-top in the same colorway, Biarritz one piece in ruby that reverses to light blue, and Padang Padang in Ink that reverses to ruby. These pictures show the reversible sides as well as special features.

Basta is a great swimwear line that’s fashion, fit & function combined. Basta’s funky color palette, sexy flattering cuts, and high quality materials create a phenomenal suit that complements all women and fits like a second skin. These swimsuits are so comfortable you might never want to take them off. I can’t stand wearing swimsuits that look great but are uncomfortable, with Basta you should have no problem looking and feeling great. I am normally a high-waisted brief and bra type of girl but thanks to Basta I am now in love and comfortable in bikinis. At least with these swimsuits I wont have tan lines over my belly button lol.

All Basta suits are seamless so they do not cut into the body, but rather lie flat on the skin while still staying in place. Extensive research was done to ensure that all body types were considered in creating this line, so you are sure to find more than one style that will perfectly flatter yours.

Bastas fabric choices play an integral part in what makes Basta suits so amazing. The lining is a high-end sport swim material; it will hold, support and boost your body in all the right places. The fine Italian fabric used on the outer layer lies beautifully and luxuriously on your form. This dual fabric technology allows for the suit to feel great on your skin, stay in place during activities, and look amazing.

All Basta suits are reversible which is what I love the most, but they recommend wearing them as shown on the website for surfing or for extra support. Its like getting two swimsuits in one!

Basta also likes to do their part to make this world a little better so with every purchase a donation is given to Global Water. Their hang tags are created of 100% recyclable paper embedded with wildflower seeds…save it, plant it, water it and watch it grow!

For more info on Basta Surf and to visit the site directly, click here!

Happy shopping!


7 Comments on “Basta Surf Swimwear!

  1. I’m loving your new header and the look and feel of your site. You have been busy! It’s nice to see the efforts of all your hard labor! Basta could do no better than to have a fabulous dame as yourself model their swimwear!

  2. You look great in those bathing suits. You make me want to buy one of those suits. Too bad I won’t look as good as you do. Maybe 20 years ago.

  3. Oh…my….god. Your body. Leaves me speechless. I have been working out/losing weight for 2 months now…and THAT body of yours is my inspiration. Your hip waist ratio is what I pray for every night! Girl what is your waist and hip measurements, if you don’t mind me asking? I wanna know when I get there!

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