Black Friday Finds!

I told myself I wasnt going to do any shopping on black friday but while walking around my old neighborhood with my Mom, I couldn’t help but walk into the Salvation army and leave with a big bag full of goodies! To my surprise the Salvation army had an “Everything 50% off” Sale which is usually like Wednesdays but Wednesdays only has sales on specific color tags. Salvation Army is always so cheap, I had no idea they would participate in the mayhem but I wasnt complaining. People were grabbing furniture and clothes like no tomorrow trying to purchase their items before 1pm so they could get their deals. I was one of them skimming through the racks like a mad woman on a mission. I found a few really great pieces for Winter, I really needed tops and sweaters and have been scavenging through wracks for months now piling up tops for the cold season. Here are some goodies I found!

I’m a really huge fan of stripes, so as I was skimming through the tops and blouses wrack I stumbled across this striped fitted button down by Zara. Love it with a bow tie!!

Pair this top with a nice blazer and a top hat and you’re good to go!

This jacket is one of my favorite pieces of the day, the beautiful print and tiny rhinestone detail make one killer staple. Even the shape is elegant, I can pair this with almost anything because it has so many colors. You can’t see the rhinestone in these pics because they are so small and subtle. This vintage jacket is by C.M Zafra.

I think this is a Romeo and Juliet story line. So wonderful!

This is a vintage sheer peasant top I found, it’s too bad its missing the tag. I would have loved to know who the designer is/was. I love the lace  shoulders and the ruffled neckline, it looks so elegant and delicate.

I’m very picky when it comes to sweaters. This one caught my eye because I can see myself layering it. The color is also great because it pretty much matches everything. I am inspired by the over-size sweater look of the 60’s so I wore a little beehive to spunk this look up. This sweater is by Silence & Noise and probably costs so much more in Urban Outfitter where I’ve seen most of this designers collection.

I don’t care that I have 13982347 gingham tops, I can’t get enough of it and love that it has a rockabilly feel to it no matter how I style it. Long or tied at the waist, it’s a great button down I will probably wear a thousand times. Especiiially with high-waisted pants or shorts like these. This button-down is by Guess.

Most of my sweater dresses are by Betsey Johnson because they fit me so well, I guess its safe to say that I can venture out now that I found this Ar&Ni Sweater dress that is not only comfortable but warm and cozy!

As many of you have seen through out my vintage finds posts, you know I adore atlas maps, blueprints, and things of that nature. Its self-explanatory that I had to snag this vintage Spencer Jeremy top and run to that check out!

Love this print!

Good times, good finds!

Hope you all enjoyed your black friday!


14 Comments on “Black Friday Finds!

  1. The Betsey Johnson Sweater Dress – oh, I DIE! You look absolutely AMAZING in it. And I LOVE the Silence & Noise sweater as well. I just adore fashion this time of year. Autumn and winter… my favorite fashion seasons.

  2. Gorgeous as always, but you know that. & the new layout is great because i love her artwork.

  3. I love your new hair!! 🙂 The sweaters/striped blouse are my fa-vor-ites!

  4. Everything looks great on you. Can’t believe the stuff you found in less than 30 minutes after entering the store. She was on a race against time. We entered the store at 12:30 and the sale ended at 1:00. Of Course I stood on the line while she ran around. Could you imagine what she would have found had she had more time to shop? Definately a Master Shopper.

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