V.V models Mode Merrs new collection!

The new Mode Merr site is up gals! and I’m modeling Angela Zampell’s new collection! Mode Merr is an amazing brand that caters to women of every age, color, shape, and size. This is a brand that understands women and how we all want to exude classic sex appeal without emptying our entire wallets! This is a brand with no limitations! The “Perfect Skirt” fits like a charm and Angela makes them in ALL SIZES. The fabrics used by Mode Merr have a stretch that hits a womans curves in all the right ways and also makes it comfortable for girls like me who like to eat ;). I personally love the whole collection and I know you will too! Click below to see more pictures!

Photographer: Mitzi & Co.

MUA-Rockwell Deville

The “4 alarm flounce skirt” and the “Flaunt it” blouse go so well together! Sexy attire for the workplace!

The “Everybody loves cleavage” blouse and the “perfect skirt” in royal blue satin!

The fitted “peasant” blouse with the denim “perfect skirt”!

The fitted “peasant” blouse in black satin paired with a red “perfect skirt”!

You can combine many of Mode Merr pieces to create a range of different outfits, just look below! check out the Vampirella Keyhole Blouse in leopard too!

I own this “gal friday” jacket with a matching “perfect skirt” in leopard, I wore it for my YRB Magazine shoot with Johnny Goodrich!

The Frightfully Fab Fancy Vamp Peasant Dress! Fits like a glove!


The “Flirt Skirt” and the “Understudy” Blouse!


The Frilly “Peasant” Blouse and The “Sugar Skull” Perfect Skirt!

The “Sugar Skull” perfect skirt with the “flaunt it” blouse in lace!

The Perfect Skirt in ruby brocade!

Check out the rest of the collection by clicking here!

Happy Shopping!




7 Comments on “V.V models Mode Merrs new collection!

  1. I want practically everything youre wearing! I especially like the black lace and grey skirt one and the purple top and skirt one!

  2. The perfect skirt is perfectly on my list! You look beautiful, girl! 🙂

  3. i love The Frightfully Fab Fancy Vamp Peasant Dress! where are you selling them?

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