City Slickin!

My friends from San Francisco gave word that they might be around my neck of the woods last weekend and I was so thrilled I invited them to stay with me so I could give them a great tour of NY. My friends Desi and Edson gave me a wonderful tour of San Francisco last April, it was only right that I make it up to them for being such amazing people. Desi is preggers and has never been to NY, I was so excited to be able to see her with her little baby bump. Edson has great character and always makes me laugh with his great sense of humor so I couldn’t wait to laugh with him again. I have been working nonstop for almost a month now and this was a great opportunity to unwind with great friends and take a tour of my own around my great city. We had a great time getting lost in NYC. We found great antiques in shops, discovered great artwork on walls stories high, and met up with my best friend Shmenkee to visit some great Brooklyn shops in Dumbo. Here are pictures of our day, I took them with my Nikon. Hope you like ;).

I decided to start our tour in L.E.S where I took Edson and Desi to the Economy Candy store. Edson loves Coca Cola anything so this was a great spot to bring him to being that they have tons of old Coca Cola memorabilia.

Candy heaven!

Edson and Desi! Such a cute couple!

Loved these piggy banks!

lol not!

I fell in loveee with these Barbie Pez heads! I WANT!

While walking around we stumbled across my favorite wall portrait. Every time I see this Missbehave painting I die a little.

Oh and by the way, I dressed up as a chola. Not my favorite outfit but I was very comfortable :).

Someone created their own alternate reality. What an imagination, LOVE IT.

What does that P stand for?? find out by clicking here!

I love that antique shop on Bowery and Houston, I always see amazing things for sale there and decided to bring Desi and Edson to check it out.

BINGO! I totally wanted to take this portrait home but $150 is a bit pricey. WAH

This gal caught my eye too.

I want!

Perfect sign for a bar full of bikers.

A treasure chest! I want them both!

They even had a collection of cat eye glasses, these being my favorite!

A CLASSIC guitar. Wish I knew how to play this thing, it would be MINE.


Old puzzles!

Look at that TABLE! Definitely vintage!

I found the leg lamp I always wanted at Urban Outfitters! It’s just the smaller version with a much better price ;). I definitely have to go back and get it!

I loved these record playing suit cases! Go Urban! thank you for stepping your game up!

Omg I nearly died when I found these muppet hats and mittens! LMAO @ this picture of Desi and I! LOLOL

Really cool camera sets. God I love em all.

Cards I must get just to have.

I took Edson and Desi to Phantom Planet where they bought Archie Comics and were in awe of the entire place. Its my favorite comic store, this Lois Lane set is self-explanatory! Bring out the super hero in your man! ❤

I also loved this book who happens to be illustrated by Craig Yoe, my friend Valissa’s dad! He is so talented and I loved this book, it’s no wonder Valissa is so fierce!

After a Soho stroll we were off to Artichoke Pizza where we enjoyed pastas that were massive and delicious! What better location for an Artichoke Pizza than right by the high line? Isnt this picture of them wonderful!

Ah the high line is so beautiful.

lol Thug life or…bum life.

He’s a New Yorker for sure now!

one word. WOW.

Off to 42nd street where Edson and Desi were able to enjoy the bright lights of this big city and a few shops while we were there.

Edson wanted to get his watch fixed at swatch, while he was doing that we snapped pics. Isnt Desi a doll!

Lmao..I cant.

Whoa! I gotta see this play!

Yum, a life-size M&M. Too bad this one is made of rubber and not real chocolate.

Off to BK with Shmenkee!

Derek took us to Halcyon, one of his favorite record stores. Edson loved it! Check out his shade game! lmao.

Ah, Prince is such a lady.

Derek looking dapper lol, he’s a trip! I love these exposed trolley tracks all over the streets of Dumbo.

Good times!


4 Comments on “City Slickin!

  1. Certainly looks like fun and how nice of you to return the favor and play host for the day!

    I must say though, I’ve never seen you dressed this way, it’s quite interesting, lol!

  2. lovin the chola look. your outfits always look cute anyways. where did you get those pants from?

  3. I love that antique shop..I went there last year and want a subway exit take back to England..but then remembered it wouldn’t fit in the suitcase


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