Birthday girl!

As many of you already know, it was my birthday last Tuesday! I usually do it big on my birthday but this year I did something totally different, I canceled all of my plans and went with the flow of my day and had an even better time than was planned! I initially had a “Princess Jasmin” theme for my Birthday, I wanted everyone to dress up in their best outfit inspired by the movie Aladdin. It was the only thing planned that we stuck to and I decided to wear this vintage dress I have had in my closet for 4 years that I bought at goodwill. It was in my closet waiting to be tailored and I finally took my lazy butt to the cleaners and they did a great job. This dress is just unbelievable, it has a see-through beaded neckline that extends to the bottom of my torso, its backless, has a hood, and it hugs me in all of the right places ;). Perfect for an egyptian theme!

Dressed up in egyptian fashion, I was off to Bistrouge to meet up with my friends Christian, Valissa, Katja, and Andrea. Everyone looked amazing, Christian kept calling himself “Mother Theresa” lol and Katja sported a black turban that looked perfect on her! Valissa was very “Jessica Rabbit” in a great red dress that hugged her itty bitty waist. Bistrouge was great, It’s a beautiful low-key restaurant that serves the yummiest salads and pastas. We had such a good time and the food was incredibly delish. Valissa and I ordered the chicken parmigian, Andrea got mussels, Christian had a burger, and Katja had a salad. I couldn’t have been happier to spend my night with such wonderful people. It was unplanned, non-stressful, and the perfect gift on my special day. After dinner I headed to RDV with Andrea to meet up with my other fashionably loud gals Sarah, Ingrid, Kida, and Mimi. It was great to have all of my favorite gals in one room looking fabulous, dancing, and having a good time. My birthday was absolutely wonderful, I am so thankful that my friends came out to spend this special day with me.

Check out the pics of my night inside. 😉

Xtian, also known as Mother Theresa. LMAO

The beautiful Katja!

Valissa, miss-hot-sex-on-a-platter!


I love this guy. Who else can pull off a skirt with no draws? LMAO

Katja always knows how to make me laugh. love her!

Arent we an interesting 3?

yes yes I think we are.

nom nomz!

Andrea’s dish!

Off to the club!

Lets get sexy!


I have to thank my photographer Mimi Loubeau for taking these without making them crooked. 😀 😉

Mimi and Me Me!

Andrea looked great in her Betsey dress!

My girrl Ingrid looking FIERCE!

Sarah looking HOT as usual! I love this woman!

Andrea sitting pretty!

Sarah has a million dollar smile. Word.

Baby got ___.

My loves! You get no realer than these two, that’s why I love you!

Dance dance dance like nobody’s watching!

Killah Kida the sex kitten!

Not sure what’s going on here but I dig it.

Sasssy gals!

Mimi Chanel!

Her purse is gorg!

Sarah gettin down!

Late night, acting like fools!








I love these girls.

Class & Sass!




18 Comments on “Birthday girl!

  1. Ingrid & Sarah!!!!!!!
    Where have these girls been?!?
    Can u please tell them I said hello n if they have twitter follow me @missdmakeup
    Or Facebook-Denise Camacho

    Happy Belated btw Jaz xoxo

  2. Loved that theme Jazzy! Thats one of my favorite Disney Movies!
    Loved your outfit! Amazing!
    Looks like you had a GOOD ASS time! XD
    Great Post Jazzy!

  3. You all looked great! That dress was amazing!

    I think it might be time for some cross country personal shopping…………! 😀

  4. You looked stunning, the dress is divine Jazmin and that nail polish to bring out the accents is so chic. Looks like you had fun on your very special birthday with all your beautiful friends., I definitely wanna hang with you ! Great Blog too.


  5. Omfg jasmine I’m so glad you had a good time , my girlfriend Katja was able to make it out she wanted me to go but I was un able to ditch work that night to join your festivities . Maybe next time I’ll catch yah and we can have some awesome brasilian food

    Love always
    Xoxox jae

  6. Wow, you look Fabulous and so do your crew! That dress looks like it was made for you!
    Hey, i have a question, do you guys drink? Cause i never see any pictures with drinks in your hands or on the table, weird question i know, just curious 🙂 haha
    love ya!

    • Thank you Kandy!!! Believe it or not, none of us drink. Its so funny because we party hard and people usually assume its after drinking but we’ve got a natural high! I wont lie though, I had a shot and a few glasses of champagne this night, I rarely drink but it was my bday! lolol XOXO

  7. All of you look so pretty. Your friend Christian is just a fabulous little piece of work. I’m glad you had a great time on your birthday, you deserve it ❤ !

  8. So true, we seldom drink… I know wamp wamp
    Had a great time. Happy BDAY AGAIN and I just realized how pretty your eyes were that night and the beauty of your ensemble as well. Christian so mad I missed him and his fabulous self! I LIVE AND DIE FOR HIM!

    Mimi Loubeau

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  10. Good Grief that dress is FIERCE!!!!!!!!!! You AND your friends looked A-MAY-ZING!!!! And I agree, Christian looked hot in his skirt! Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    Love, Lola

  11. Your hair is so damn glossy! You all look amazing! I can’t believe the things you find in charity shops! x

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