Club hopping!

Yesterday night my girls Anya and Mimi came out to play so we headed to RDV, my new favorite spot and then we went to see Vandol (Mimi’s friend) at Juliet. It was good to see Mimi and Anya, I havent hung out with them in a long time. We had so much fun. It’s always great when you go out and everyone is on time, the door guy isn’t an asshole, there are no wardrobe malfunctions, and the DJ spins great music. Last night is a great example of a peaceful girls night out. I wore an Agent Provocateur Basque with a pencil skirt, my top shop pumps, and my Agent Provocateur cuban legged thigh highs. Lingerie can be outerwear, why? because I said so. Mimi looked great in a perfect black dress and her fur stole along with her platform peep-toe Bebe boots. Anya kept it simple and chic in a leopard top, black pants, and her black pumps.

See the rest of the pics inside!

I love Mimi! You Loca!

I also LOVEE this pic of Mimi, she looks gorg!

lolol I don’t know/remember what I was saying here but this pic is too funny lmao!

lol Mimi and I look like we got boob jobs lol…where did those come from?!?! MEOW

Flashing ligghttts!

Take 2!

My barbed wire choker and earrings are also from Agent Provocateur.


Vandal and Vandol!

Mimi Fierce.

Anya cutie patootie!


Dunzo for the night. Walking on home.

Great times!


8 Comments on “Club hopping!

  1. You are so amazing! I’m in love with your style more and more I read your blog, and your body was made to model!

  2. Classy and beautiful as always!! Please please tell us how you get your hair so shiny. You doing tutorials in your own style would also be glorious.

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