Happy Halloween at Juliet/RDV !

Hallow’s Eve was incredible. I partied hard with my lovely friend Ingrid and I finally got the chance to wear my Lily of “Legend” costume that I created.

This Hallow’s eve made up for every Halloween that I was in a great costume and had nowhere to go. We went to Juliet and partied with super “heroes and rock stars” followed by Rdv where we danced up a storm in Victorian fashion. The night couldn’t be more incredible and what made it even better was being able to see my love Christian and his friend Blake in costume on their way to Le Bain. Many people thought I was a Vampire, some thought I was a dark Ballerina. A few people , however, knew exactly who I was and were ecstatic that I managed to emulate Lily of the movie “Legend” so well. Ingrid couldn’t find Minnie Mouse ears so I invited her to my house where I styled her as the Mad Hatter. She looked gorgeous as usual and pulled off the look perfectly!

Here are pictures of our wild night!

Ingrid in a Betsey Johnson bustle coat and dress paired with her Aldo pumps and my Jaxton hat. It was so fun to style someone who ALREADY has impeccable style, Ingrid always looks great.


I lovveee Candy!

Ice sculpture!

Heroes and SLASH!

Jeff as Slash, me, and Captain America!


Me and my girl!

So cute! Back seams-wepppa!

caught off guard twice!


Top ring courtesy of my Burlesque-fairy-god-mother-Scarlet!

Sexy Blake and my love Xtian as Ginger Spice!


my loves!

Off to RDV!

Dance Dance!

If you know me, you know the story about my love of chandeliers. sparkly!


Scary 😉

First night in YEARS that I got home at sunrise!



11 Comments on “Happy Halloween at Juliet/RDV !

  1. You definately pulled it off again, always seem to amaze me with that wonderful talent of yours. Loved, loved and loved the way
    you put the outfit together. I am glad that you and your friends had a great time. Can’t wait to see what you will put together
    next year.

  2. absolutely stunning. That’s quite an outfit! Very innovative. You should be a costume/set designer/stylist.

  3. U out did ur self jazz! i think this is ur best yet, cant wait to c what u come up with next year

  4. I need to re-watch legend! Even though I don’t remember that specific scene, the costume is beyond amazing!

  5. I love how you are confident enough in your own skin/style; you’re able to showcase your style AND your friends’ style. It’s like a double feature. Between you, MiMi, Ingrid, Sara, and your other partners in crime there’s enough inspiration/eye candy for virtually anyone.

    Your costume is amazing!! You totally pulled off this look. I’m sooooo in love with Ingrid’s look, too. She’s super blessed that you’re able to style/create ANYTHING at the drop of a hat (a pun!!…mad hatter…drop of a hat…okay…)!

    A+, LADIES!

  6. I don’t think i’ve ever seen you look so beautiful! And that is some acheivement, you always look so lovely. That costume is SO amazing! I hope next year i can create something just as unique for halloween 😀 x

  7. omfg. i remember watching Legend for the first time centuries ago and thinking she WAS SO HOT in that scene. i actually preferred her darker look. you totally did her character and outfit justice!

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