Personal Shopping Client: Mariela part 2.

One of my clients called me up to do part 2 of my personal shopping services the other day. How this works is I take the client shopping to my favorite places and I shop for them according to what they are looking for. It’s almost like shopping with your stylist, I work my expertise on styling and all you have to do is play dress up till you find what you are looking for :). Mariela wanted me to help her find clothing for fall and winter. I brought her to a few of my favorite places where I found clothing that would be versatile enough to layer and/or keep her warm and still in fashion. The dress above is from Flores Antique shop where I purchase many of my dresses. This dress in particular is made out of thick silk perfect for fall, this will surely keep her warm and elegant even if she pairs it with boots!

Rompers are always a go, I found Mariela great military inspired pieces she could sex up or dress down. Rompers are great for Fall as long as you are wearing boots or stockings.

This is a jacket but can also be worn as a top. I love the draping that was done to this jacket, she could put this over anything and it will look amazing and fashion forward.

This skirt caught my eye because it was different. The draping of this fabric and the symmetry make a great staple piece.

I found Mariela many great sweaters that she can layer and play around with. I am rest assured that she now has a sweater for every outfit lol.

Wrap dresses are great for any season, especially because they can be worn with shoes or boots. Wrap dresses are also very versatile and can be worn day or night. It’s a quick grab-it-and-go item that every woman should have in her closet. Mariela looks great in this one!

[If you or anyone you know is in dire need of a personal shopper who will style you for any season or occasion, please feel free to contact me at]

Good times!

4 Comments on “Personal Shopping Client: Mariela part 2.

  1. I love your blog sooo much, and the other day I forced myself to do some proper vintage shopping (although there aren’t many shops near me that cater for that kind of thing). But I did find the cutest 80’s (40’s inspired) vintage romper suit, one-hundred percent silk for £6. I thought of you as I was buying it. 🙂

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