Vintage Finds: Prepping for fall!

[A vintage top I bought at SA, my bondage wedges are new and from Macy’s]

The weather has been a little nippy lately and I realized that I have tons of dresses, pants, skirts, jackets, coats, and a million accessories but I don’t really own many tops. In total I probably only have ten tops because I usually just buy t-shirts. So last Wednesday I headed over to Salvation army for their annual Wednesday sale. I found some great tops, a dress, 2 scarves, a hat, and a pair of shoes. Then I headed to Brooklyn and found this rad jacket at beacons closet.

I love this top, it has bold shoulders and a great neckline. I love flouncy tops that I can belt at the waist. This will be me all fall and winter.

This top has a Victorian feel to it because of the buttoned neck, I love it and can see myself wearing it with a high-waisted tulle skirt.

I couldn’t resist, two of my favorite colors mashed together. Goes perfectly with my vintage hat.

Teal is my absolute favorite color, I cant wait to wear this top with a pair of trousers. My belt is vintage and my epaulets are by EVOL HEIST.

This top reminded me of Mexico, I don’t know why, but look at the harlequin neckline!

I have been looking all over for a fur hat and finally scored one for a dollar! It’s actually a hood that has 2 leather straps that tie together.

These vintage pumps caught my eye immediately, you can’t go wrong with brown!

This is the jacket I found at Beacons closet, I absolutely love it and cant wait to wear it with baggy jeans like this or even harem pants.

Loveee the tail! These are my new combat boots btw, too bad you can’t really see them.

I also bought a dress but it fits me a tad bit small around the bum so I am going to sell it on my website. The two scarves I purchased were only a buck at the salvation army too, one is leopard and one is black.

Good times-Good finds!


8 Comments on “Vintage Finds: Prepping for fall!

  1. I just got inspired yet AGAIN. I scored some SUPER FABULOU vintage tops (circa 60/70) while in SF and I can’t wait to wear them. I just realized that my wide sequined belt will pair nicely with my black Victorian-esque blouse. I’ve also been on the prowl for a tuxedo jacket (w tails) and haven’t had much success. So, I’m going to find a men’s tuxedo jacket and have it tailored. I plan on wearing it a bow tie, my pencil skirt, and spike heels. Yay!

    Happy Vintage Hunting!

  2. just tooooo fly the teal shirt with peacock belt WOA my fav. And the purple harlequin mexican shirt TDF, I’ll love to go shopping with you, toast to You Ms. VV!

  3. Man, you´re hot. My favourite is the last outfit. I think? Very versatile, indeed.

    It’s soo cool to “meet” people who get forward although they think outside the box. Who have their own mind and enough selfconsciousness to give a damn on what the others say. Inspiring and motivating. Thanksthanksthanks.

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