Nurse Bettie’s!

Yesterday night I was invited by my friend Ingrid to happy endings for a burlesque show. It is too bad we didn’t get to take pics there. I brought my friend Javits with me because it was going to be his birthday come midnight. Javits is my neighbor and is like a brother to me so I wanted to help make this a special birthday by having him come with us. After Happy Endings we went to Nurse Bettie’s where we had a few drinks and enjoyed the beautiful pinup art work of the venue. We must have been all over L.E.S that night because after Nurse Bettie’s we got so hungry we went to a spanish restaurant in the area. Here are pictures of our night.

Ingrid and I, I love this girl. She is so animated and can dress her ass off!

Javits is camera-shy!

Ingrid looking lovely in front of a Brian Life painting of an Elvgren girl.

I looked like a fairy princess. It was the look I was going for you know.

The artwork at Nurse Bettie’s was to die for.

Javits was in love with this red-head.

No peeking through the key hole!

Now we were off to our next adventure, FOOD. We came across this Egyptian statue outside of a restaurant. Loved it.

Ingrid wore a cute vintage dress with a vintage belt and purse. She is always well put when it comes to her outfits.

Even her jean jacket is cute!

I wore a Vintage dress, purse, and cashmere sweater with Tecasan shoes.

Fairy princess outfit accomplished!

Good times!


9 Comments on “Nurse Bettie’s!

  1. throwback fairy princesa right there! I fully approve! Lol. And ah, who’s your friend/neighbor there huh? haha…

  2. Hello, Javits. ha!

    I love the madras print of Ingrid’s dress. I just came across a vintage dress just like it on etsy.

  3. Love the fairy tale dress (because its pink…of course)
    I would love to check out Nurse Bettie’s…seems like fun :0

  4. You DO look like a pretty pretty princess. Those shoes are fab!
    I LOVE Ingrid’s dress! So cute for fall.

    One day I’m gonna be part of the super ultra long hair club 😉

  5. Again, another flattering dress on a beautiful gal. You should do pin-up modeling:)

  6. Definitely, without a doubt a solid 10!! I looooooooove my home and if I never had to leave it I would be the happiest woman ever!! You all can visit!

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