Gems by Martha Rotten!

[Photograph by Mitzi & Co for 10.10]

Martha Rotten is one of my favorite jewelry designers. I was thrilled that I was able to model her stuff for the Mode Merr website for October’s brand new collection of dresses and accessories. Martha creates wonderful morbid gems for bad girls all over the world who don’t mind adding a little bit of a dark side to their attire. Martha’s prices are also very affordable and perfect for a girl on a budget. The bracelet I am wearing is full of teeth that have gems in them. This bracelet is not on the website yet but will be coming soon. Here are some of Martha’s pieces you can find on the site.

Vertebra Cuff Bracelet only $50!

Filigree Skull Bracelet $80

Skull and crossbones side closure necklace $72

Skull Necklace $48

6 Skull Bracelet $85

Skull Pony Tail holder! $34 pr. or $18 each.

Find Martha Rotten’s pieces on &


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