Say hello to my NEW little friend!

I swear I have the best friends in the world. My friends, Edson and Desi contacted me the other day about a vintage purse they saw at a vintage shop that reminded them of me. I nearly died when they showed me the pics, they know me SO WELL! I am so particular about my bags but Edson and Desi hit it right on the head with this one! I love that it is wicker with a leucite handle. I told them I loved it and they are soooo amazing, they sent it to me! It’s awesome that I can shop vicariously through them, they always find the best thrift stores. I love them so much for thinking of me. Cheers to great friends and my great new purse!

I love the wicker weave, so pretty!

The Interior is in perfect condition!


6 Comments on “Say hello to my NEW little friend!

  1. OMG Jasmin I love it!! Please. Don’t ever change your taste of style,to me your living the life I should have but now with kids it’s really impossible,your sense of taste and style is outstanding I always loved the vintage style of the early 40’s and 50’s,do you ever watch TMC channel it’s the turner classic movie channel it’s like your right in them,AWESOME!!! I love the old Joan Crawford movies and Bette Davis,but your more like Joan Crawford,don’t ever change I’m very proud of you and I absolutely Love your mom she is family to me and so are you, I miss her a lot and Nancy too,……love Nelly an old friend of the family

  2. Ahhh. I have several purses like this (wicker w/ Lucite handles). My other faves are the carpet material purses with kisslocks. Also, Kelly green patent leather doctor bags are ALWAYS on my list. I’m glad your friends treat you so well!

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