The Puerto Rican Martha Stuart.

Watch the video:)

This little banner only cost me about $3. I plan to have banners describing each room.

What I did was, I took a pencil and outlined the letters first. After I completed drawing out the letters I took a firm paint brush and just traced over the pencil letters. Dont go painting a sign without using a pencil first, what’s good about wood is that you can still erase over it if you make a mistake but once you paint you can’t go back. I used acrylic paint to paint the letters, its my favorite medium.

This is the entrance to my bathroom, once the bathroom is colored Tiffany green I shall show you guys what I have done with it. 🙂

These cost me about $6 but it was well worth it for plaques that are this big. I was going to place them in the bathroom but conjured up another idea. For now these babies have a better home right by the door of my apartment. Now whenever anyone walks in they already know, this is Jasmin and Rex’s home.

Remember this frame we found in front of housing works? I painted it a dark wood color with a brown spray paint by Krylon special for wood. I placed the frame directly on top of my new stereo cabinet with my Agent Provocateur picture inside and it looks perfect!



6 Comments on “The Puerto Rican Martha Stuart.

  1. LOL HIIIIIIIII! That made me lauuuugh out loud! I’m NOT good with painting, but this looks like something I might be able to do. I’m really enjoying the Puerto Rican Martha Stewart blog posts. They just show that there is more to you than meet’s the blogger’s eye!

  2. I’m loving the old record player, what a great find!

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