El Museo del Bario New York: Dia De Los Muertos

Yesterday my mother invited me out to El Museo del Bario for a Dia De los Muertos event. My mother and I fell in love with Dia De los Muertos when we visited Mexico a few years ago and have been fans ever since. This event was cute but not really for adults, it was more for children so it is good that we brought Jaiden along with us. He got to see the art work and enjoyed himself. My favorite part of the event was the cafeteria where they had a beautiful shrine made. You can see some of it in the pic above and in more of the pics inside of this post.

Check out pics of my day with my family inside.

I love my momma.

The cutest munchkin Jaiden! He had just attended a street fair previous to this museum so he was the only kid with a spider man face lol.

Such a beautiful tribute to Dia De los Muertos! I want one of these in my apartment!

My cousin and her boyfriend, so cute!

Live bands playing!

They were also selling Dia de los Muertos stuff.

LOLOLOL Support the Gays!

Across the street was this beautiful garden in Central Park.

I would love to get married here. A girl can dream.

Then that’s when we saw Zombies!!

My mother, Jaiden, and his momma. My aunt has incredible style.

Jaiden and Joneva. Adorable!

Cutie Patootie!

I love this kid.

What a great day with my wonderful family!


10 Comments on “El Museo del Bario New York: Dia De Los Muertos

  1. aww Jas, you are a spitting image of your mother and that woman couldn’t deny you even if she wanted haha! both of you are blessed beautiful ladies.

  2. Talk about your aunt having great style, Jaiden has an awesome style. Is he rockin’ skinny jeans?!!

  3. Your aunt does look like a celebrity Mom caught by the paparazzi on a day out with the family. And you already know Im in love with that kid. I’m so mad I missed him when I came over last week.

  4. gah, I love all the colors and Dia de Los Muertos in general. Your hair looks absolutely radiant against your white blazer! Get ’em girl.

  5. Fabulous pics. And I’m not saying that because Jayden was in them…lol. Your hair looked awesome with the hat and the white blazer ! You should really reconsider NOT cutting it…just a suggestion. Oh and thanks for the compliment ; ) Love ya!!!

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