A girls day!

Yesterday was a lovely day. I spent it hanging out with two of my favorite girls, Crystal and Mimi. I was in soho because I needed to restock some of my makeup products from MAC and buy some items for my costume but on the way headed to Agent Provocateur to see if my girl Crystal was there. To my surprise she was and was actually about to leave on her lunch break so we hung out and had the best cupcakes at this local spot on Prince. I have been craving a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting for a minute so this was heaven for my tummy. Crystal wanted the pumpkin cupcake because she wanted to get into the spirit of Halloween lol. We just sat and spoke and it was so awesome to catch up with her, she is such a wonderful and intelligent person. We vibe so well whenever we get the chance to hang out. Hence why she is one of my favorite ladies in the world.

Lol Crystal doesn’t like when I randomly take her photo lol. She reminded me of Audrey Hepburn yesterday.

After cupcakes I headed to my friend Mimi’s job and she was also about to go on her break. Perfect timing? I think yes. We had so much fun just wondering the streets of soho. We headed to Top Shop where I was forced to drool over the amazing clothing and shoes I saw there. Mimi found this cool fur sweater coat thing as soon as we came in.


My coat is actually from Top Shop, it is one of my favorite coats ever!

I wore it with my Alexander McQueen boots and my vintage hat. I felt very militant yesterday lol.

Mimi looked great in a symmetrical sweater and her fur vest layered on top. Very bohemian chic, perfect for fall.

I found these glasses while we were looking for costumes at Ricky’s for Mimi.

Good times!


6 Comments on “A girls day!

  1. Where is that spot? I gotta try out that red velvet cupcake! I LOVE me some Red Velvet cupcakes!

  2. RIP to AMc! You…are…killing…the…boots! He’d be proud! 🙂

  3. love love love that jacket…I remember the post when you first bought it, so jealous lol

  4. Crystal looks like she stepped right out of the 60s. She looks amazing! You keep good company, because MiMi looks amazing as well! Of course each time I see that Topshop coat I die a little inside–that coat is amazing and you did Sir Alexander McQueen proud with this outfit.

  5. I love your boots and your friends sweater. You do know I went back for that fur sweater in Topshop. I’m keeping the tags on it because I do feel kind of guilty for making such a big purchase. Lord help us shopaholics.

    Mimi L.

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