Photography: The Beautiful dead.

Photos by: V.V

I was one of those days the other day and my friend Derek came by my place to cheer me up. He has been talking to me about the cemetery by my house for a while and I was kinda weird about visiting it because I had never been in one before. He told me that cemeteries are peaceful and cathartic for him, so I decided to go and decide for myself. I don’t consider myself to be some type of photographer extraordinaire but I like to take pics when I am feeling understimulated by life. It is kinda like a hobby for me. I believe that when we are feeling a little down or just out of it in general, we happen to create the most beautiful works of art. I love the way my pictures came out, they all have an eerie beauty to them. If you look at some of them closely there are some strange glares in there as well. Now I know what Derek means when he speaks so highly of cemeteries, call us freaks, call us crazy, but I have found myself a new peaceful place to just relax and find clarity.

So beautiful.

Many parts of this cemetery has been vandalised and broken into. It is a shame that people would do such things. The gate-keeper says he constantly has to board up those coffin houses because people break into them and throw parties. Gross? Hell yes. Disrespectful? completely. Are they going to hell? Damn right.

Someone opened this one half way >:(.

For respect I have removed some of the names off of tomb stones.

The cemetery was full of trees and flowers…This place of the dead was actually full of so much life.

Some tomb stones had pictures of people who passed in the early 1900s.

This is an eerie photo.

A beautiful bench.

There goes that purple glare. Might just be the sunlight, who knows.

This tree eats people! sike.

This makes me so mad..people are so horrible.

That last storm we had really messed up some parts of the cemetery.

Another purple glare. I love this picture.

The gate-keeper said he had to re-brick this and some losers still broke it down.

Eerie pic.


The gate-keeper told me that this statues leg isn’t supposed to be turned outward, his boss says it’s very strange. I think so too.

I don’t think anyone would attempt to climb that thing.

Found this little guy walking out..almost stepped on him but he was already struggling..:/

If you think I am crazy, visit your local cemetery. I promise you will feel some type of inner peace.


5 Comments on “Photography: The Beautiful dead.

  1. Hey there! You are not weird at all. I like to visit them too. I like the history, the pictures and the craftmanship of the tombstones. I also see it as some of them appreciate the visit because who knows when is the last time anyone got a visitor.

  2. me and your friend would get along swell lol. I find cemetery’s peaceful as well and go when I get the chance just to clear my mind too. I think I also use it as a way to become comfortable with the fact that, eventually, that will be my home, my forever resting place.

    a few years back a friend of mine and I had a picnic in the cemetery. we picked a random site that “called” to us and just ate there. actually, it’s pretty ironic too because technically, my first date with my beau was at a cemetery in the Bronx back in 2007 lol. it’s nothing to fear and indeed it’s full of “life” in a sense.

    it’s kind of sad that once you make it to the cemetery, people forget about you.

  3. Not weird at all, I sometimes like to sit there and contemplate to myself. I do hate it when people throw college parties and destroy the place, I don’t think they would want their grave to be half-opened by a bunch of low lifes either. I like Trinity Church on Broadway, it’s more a tourist attraction but I love sitting there by gravestones that are so old that the names that were carved in them worn away.

  4. I can’t believe you live right in **********.. i grew up around there.. enjoy it.. its a pretty peaceful neighborhood. 🙂

  5. OMg thats a few blocks from my house, *** right? my sis in law did her photography project there.

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