Hair Flair: Rollers!

Finally, there is hope for all of us long-haired girls out there who want voluminous curly hair! My hair is so long and so heavy and I only have volume at the bottom of my hair because of it. I try to add volume to the top of my hair with my curling iron but it just falls flat and the only part of the curl that sticks is in my ends. After trying it all, I decided to stop being lazy and dig into my old rollers that I used to use when I was in high school. I had them sitting there for a while because I used to put them in my hair wrong, but now I guess I know how to put them in better because as I took them out this morning and my hair was exactly how I wanted it to look! It was voluminous from the top to the bottom! My friends constantly tell me to tease my hair but I don’t really like doing that to my hair, it gets knotty and my hair breaks. Rollers work fine for me!

Heres the trick, wash your hair and wait till its 95% dry, that’s when you put the rollers in because the hair is still somewhat damp. I like to put my rollers on at night so I can sleep with them (it’s not the most comfortable way to sleep but its worth it). Start with medium-sized rollers and get smaller as you work your way up to the top layers of your hair. The smaller the rollers on the top, the more voluminous your hair will be from top to bottom. As soon as you wake up, take them out, and glide your fingers through the girls so you can make them look more natural and when you glide your fingers through the curl instead of a brush it doesn’t damage the curls and make them frizzy. I like mine frizzy so I played with them a bit ;). I didn’t add hairspray because I feel like it weighs down the curl, just keep it natural ladies or get a hairspray specifically for curls.

now go get yourself rollers and add some volume and curl to that hair!


9 Comments on “Hair Flair: Rollers!

  1. It looks fab! And from one curly-haired girl to another, thanks for the tips. I too have rollers in my bathroom cabinet that I’ve never used; I will try this!

  2. I use “old school” rollers often, and like the look I get. I love your curls! Are those leopard leggings or pants you’re wearing?

  3. Are these rollers still available in hair supply stores ? They were once my favorite too. NICE!!

  4. When I had long hair, I swore by my large hot rollers! I miss it sooo much! You look lovely, girl!

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