Gold on 16th street!

After Comicon I met up with my friend Christian and Katja and we were off to see a movie until I stumbled across treasure in front of a well-known vintage store, Housing Works. We were gazing at the beautiful tea cups in the window when some rummage caught my eye from out front. Sometimes when I am walking around Manhattan I often see great furniture on the sidewalks that people just throw away. Anyway, I went through the rummage of wood pieces from a disassembled table or something and found this beautiful vintage Zenith stereo cabinet from the 1960s! It was love at first sight and I knocked on the window to ask why they through it out and they said that it was because the radio doesn’t work. It didn’t stop me from taking it home and Christian and Katja were amazing enough to keep me company while I was waiting to be picked up by my friend. I brought this bad girl home and low and behold the radio started working! Lady luck!

So cool!

This was my reaction when I found it! lolol

The beautiful Katja!

We also snagged this great frame that Christian shamelessly uses as a prop for this pic! I love him!

She looks perfect in my new place!

What a lucky day!


4 Comments on “Gold on 16th street!

  1. great find! my grandma has one at her house – we used to play random records on it all the time and listen to baseball games on it when we were younger… hmmm… maybe i should ask her for it… lol!

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