I have always wanted to attend Comicon for years and somehow, some way, I always miss it. This time I didn’t and was fortunate to attend thanks to my friend Derek who got advance tickets. The convention was huge, it was a tad bit overwhelming at times but overall a great convention with beautiful artwork by talented artists. I took pictures of everything that caught my eye at the convention, if I took pictures of everything I would have had to separate this post into 3 parts. My favorite booth was the Michael Turner section and the Archie comic section. I have been collecting Archie comics since I was a kid and Michael Turner is my favorite comic artist of all time. It was so awesome to see many of his original pieces, I just wish I had thousands of dollars to purchase all of them.

I didn’t know what to wear for the event but knew I wanted to wear color. I came up with this outfit inspired by a blue dress I havent wore in ages. My coat and dress is from Betsey Johnson, my clutch is Fendi, and my shoes are YSL.

Check out more pics of the event inside!

My best bud Shmenkee!

This girl is so CUTE!

I love when people do live drawings.

Super Woman!

I loved this girls art work.

Love this piece by Erik Jones.

You know why I love these two.

A badass drawing by Mark Brooks.

Women in charge!

So cute.

I purchased some items from this booth, couldn’t resist!

Cleopatra, my idol.

That is a man in a costume..yes…its a costume..Wish I could be him for Halloween.

I took pictures of all of these dolls for my mom. She loves stuff like this.

She looks like me!

This doll is awesome.

Alice in Wonderland!

Witchblade, one of my favorite comic heroes.

Fathom, another one of my favorites.


I want this car for Xmas.

Look at this beauty! Fathom by Michael Turner!

I couldn’t believe I was touching his original work!

This is another artist I enjoyed.

Nightmare before Xmas!

The ladies of Girls Drawing Girls!

Great work by the girls and other artists they promote.

Its Bernie!


Snow White!

Archie comic booth!

Veronica was always my favorite.

Cute dolls!

Pinup work by Fiona Stephenson!

lol on our way out we looked over at the food section and it was kinda funny/cute lol.

Good times!


10 Comments on “Comicon!

  1. im just sad i didnt get to see you there. 😦 But it was soooooo carzy in there! Im glad you had fun! I did as well! This was my first comic con as well 🙂

  2. Loved this post, really shows the artistry behind comic books. Loved the drawings of the women, so sexy but still powerful and badass. 🙂 I too have a love for Archie Comics…I honestly don’t remember how I started reading the comics but I have great memories of my dad taking me to this small comic-book store when I was younger where I’d lovingly pick out my Archie comic books…I still have all of mine. Glad to hear you like Veronica, she was always my favorite as well, I always wanted her to end up with Archie because I hated Betty. lol Did you hear they made an issue where everyone was grown up and Archie finally married Veronica? Victory!! 🙂

  3. I love it all…especially the dolls. I would have loved to go there. Hopefully, I will get to go to the next one.

  4. I especially love the pin up art/postcards/Girls Drawing Girls. I’ve never been to ComicCon, but I’m sure that you got a dose of inspiration while being there!

  5. I’m so glad you got to go! It was my first time too and like I said before, many things there reminded me of you. I too have collected Archie Comics since I was a kid, my mother put me on. lol Did you get to go to the retro booth? I think it was called Retro-A-GoGo.. I had to buy me some things there of course. lol Anyway, great pics, I’ll be posting mines up today. ^_^ You looked great as always, too bad I didn’t see you there. Toodles! ;o)

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