What I wore today: 10/05/10


Yesterday was a great day for a great outfit. Rainy days suck but I wasnt going to let the weather water me down. I had a million things to do yesterday and I knew in order to keep my spirits high I would have to start and end my day in high fashion. I wore a day/night outfit, and what that means is that I wore something interchangeable that I could wear in the day or even for a night out. This shrug is vintage, I believe I purchased this about 4 years ago at a local goodwill. My shoes are YSL accompanied by back seamed cuban heel stockings by Agent Provocateur. The dress is by Betsey Johnson and to add contrast I paired it with these vintage gloves I received as a gift from a friend. My bag is Chanel and my earrings are vintage.

You can’t really tell but these gloves have small beaded details to it.

See how the gloves give the outfit contrast? Also, the Chanel bag matches the patent leather toe of my YSL pumps.

It was a little nippy outside so I wore my vintage coat.

Perfect day!


52 Comments on “What I wore today: 10/05/10

  1. love this outfit! How long does it take you to get ready in the morning??

  2. Now, this is great outfit. You just gave me an idea/inspiration. I have similar shoes/gloves and a shrug like the one you’re wearing. Great idea!

  3. Love this look! Hair tutorial -pretty please! Your pompadour hairstyle always looks flawless!

  4. You’re style is so fly! I love your blog and all the fantastic posts on the outfits you put together. Love this look =D

  5. I love all the pix! But number 5 is my Fav! Va – Va – Vroom! Such a great dress and you make it look just absolutely stunning!

  6. Just lovely as always!!! Great find for you Lady Luck. But I must ask without Mom nearby whose the new photographer ? LOL

  7. I totally get the outfit, your’e into vintage.I get it! It just seems too contrived, like its more of a job to get dressed than enjoyable I dont know, maybe its the hair.Your look just seems overdone and not freeing or beautiful at all.Too much make up. If you wore the dress with gold flat sandals, a pretty earring and messy hair you’d look gorgeous and not crazy at all!

    • Nothing I do is contrived. If you did more of your homework on what I am about and what my blog is about I think you would understand the type of person I am and how I don’t feel the need to water myself down to suit the standards of society. Gold flats and messy hair would have completely killed the outfit but to each its own. Playing it “Safe” is probably your forte. FYI I do enjoy dressing this way and If I continuously dress this way it is because I am comfortable with it, anything contrived is forced and uncomfortable for the sake of being accepted or different. I don’t care for your acceptance. If you have nothing nice to say and you do not enjoy what I do or how I look then feel free to ignore my blog. Costs you nothing to pay me no mind sweet heart. XOXO 😉

  8. You have amazing style, I wish I had the talent and skill to look as polished as you do! 🙂

  9. Well said VV. I can’t believe she suggested gold flats and messy hair. These are the type of people I can’t stand. The ones that think that because someone doesn’t look like everyone else, they are “trying” to be different, “trying to hard”. More people should stop trying to blend in with everyone else and be individuals.
    Lmfao-gold flats and messy hair, Smh.

  10. thanks for that comment. I believe that when someone looks good you see the person first and then the clothing is an extension of that person. it seems to me that you are just playing dress-up and that hopefully soon your style will morph in to something truly your’s and your’s alone. there is no reason why you cant be vintage, modern, true and beautiful all at the same time. some things should be laid to rest!

  11. Coming from a female, I must say your response is very inspiring. I wish every girl discovers someone like you in their life. You’re my hero! Please never change, only for the better. God Bless.

    P.S. You are fabulous!


    • Thank you so much Lola, it is comments like yours that motivate me and make me want to become a better version of myself. God bless you too, and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. XOXOXO <333

    • This is coming from someone who thinks gold flats and messy hair is fashionable. Your opinion of me weighs less than sunlight sweetheart. You might want to take notes. You could learn a lot from me 😉

    • As always, you will find someone that has something negative to say with no basis. I honestly will look at the previous comments and laugh, laugh, laugh. Especially at the “gold flats” and “messy hair” that will make you look a HOT ASS MESS (excuse my language)

      This person has no understanding of your style or what your blog is really about. Plus, sounds as if she is trying to cause some controversy by having a disagreement. *shrugs*

      Everyone has an asshole as well as an opinion *sighs*

    • Who the heck is this maribel person? I am Definitely not feeling her at all…Cuzo you’re beautiful & you know it as well as everyone else..Its either people trying to be like you or against you..in her case she has no chance on being like you so her only choice is to be against you…I don’t even know how maribel looks & I bet she has a double chin. To Maribel..if u think my cousin is over-doing it with her outfits and makeup and you think that her life has to revolve on trying to be fake than to be herself, then why are u even on this website commenting on her post…seems like u have nothing better to do then to be obbessed over her. If you think for one second that you even know wat she’s about, you need to do more of your homework.

      • I love you Joneva! Thank you for your support but this battle was won the minute she decided to comment and lacked substance!<33

  12. Honey, dressing like a slob is NEVER a good look. This outfit is GORGEOUS! We live in a society where fake n bake tans, and boob jobs are “glamorous”. The essence, and the level of style it takes to pull off a vintage look efficiency requires true creativity. Please continue inspiring more women to invest more time in themselves and embrace being a woman. LOVE YOU! Xoxo

    • Thank you so much Glossy! This means so much to me. You are f*cking incredible and I am so happy that you understand the type of person that I am. I couldnt be the fake bake, fake boobs, simple, and watered down version of social and fashion trends even if I tried. This is why I love you too girl! You are a realist in a bullshit-infested world. Thank you for being you and always keeping it real. XOXOXOXO!

  13. im seriously not trying to start enything. i love forties and fifties cuts of clothing and if i had that killer body that you seem to have i might wear something like that.im not saying vintage is bad im just saying how about a little imagination i mean even dita von teese adds a certain modernity and a touch of her own style that’s what makes her so great.i wouldn’t normally say enything but your look but i really love clothing and i happen to find your look cliche and i bet that the reason the other girls worship you is because they themselves dont have the balls to find a style of their own.I mean at least your’e trying!

      • OMG did she just say the killer body you seem to have? #DEAD
        Im not sure if she is looking at your pics… aight im done.
        You look so Fabulous & stunning!
        Keep doing you Jazzy! I love your style!

  14. you guys are so silly if you think that i might be some blonde, with big fake boobs and a watered down version of myself. i dont live in a box and neither do my ideas. i just understand the elements of good design, and true style.

  15. i know how to spell im just not very good with the typing. im just wondering if you have enything else to say, your comments seem to be lacking reason or rhyme. you know what i was thinking though? when i was your age i loved experimenting with clothes too! it took me for ever to finally arrive at my true style set, its a cross between whimsy witchy and mod, however i never did copy someone elses style and i feel like iv’e seen your’s before hmmmm

  16. no seas mentirosa jasmin no eres una modelo, ni en tu casa te conocen! no podrias ser nunca una modelo y menos para betsy johnson, estas muy enana!

      • *ahem* listen to this & educate yourself a little bit maribel who the hell are youuu? Miss V.V don’t need to PRETEND she’s somebody her charm echoes her name. She’s about her word and dreams, and thats something that you and yours can’t ever split!
        ps. go kill yourself!

  17. i think its so funny that so many girls on this site are creaming themselves all over you! oh and the translation of my prior remark is”you are not a model you wish and not even your own family members know your name-good night pendejas!

    • Aw, you jealous? I can see why you are so upset. No one is inspired by you. You blend, you camouflage, your existence doesnt matter and this was a pathetic attempt to get people to pay attention to you. Its ok. I understand. Sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite 😉

  18. I love your style and more importanly I love your attitude towards life. You’re a girls girl! Plus, I believe you could style the hell out of paper bag if it came down to it. xo

  19. This girl is deranged if she thinks you are cliche and a follower. Like you said if she had done her research she’d know. I’ve seen plenty of outfits that you post for years and you always have elements of modernity or edge incorporated. How do you “seem” to have a body? This is a blog not photoshopped magazine thread. I can’t believe the amount of energy she just spent posting negative comments about someone who is trying to make something of herself by her own terms. Your page doesn’t even represent knocking other’s expression of fashion, you just do you. And she’s older?! Grow up and quit picking a fight. You’re embarrassing yourself because you should know better! You should be a veteran in this game called life, not a rookie. If you don’t like it then take jasmin’s page off your favorites and disappear. Even when she first commented you were extremely polite and respected her style suggestions.
    Jasmin, you already know who you are. You’re going places, there’s nothing more inspiring than a self made woman! Brush her off. Maribel, put your played gold gladiator sandals on and take a hike! Guess what? I see your drab style every 10 minutes on the street. Yuck!


  21. Jasmin you look great in anything you wear and no matter what you put on, you always seem to make it look amazing. Its not what you wear but how you wear it. I have seen you transform your hair and outfits in so many different ways that no one would think of. As you have grown older your style has changed and yes you make it your own. You have always had this crazy imagination when you were a little girl, always dressing different than all the kids. I watched them say horrible things to you back then and was always amazed how you shot back. I watched you sit in the park and wondered why you were giving these girls on the 5th floor the middle finger. You told me that they were always saying things about you when they were together. Its funny how they were always afraid of you when they were by themselves. These are the girls that look at you today and wished they were just like you. Everyone has a right to express their own opinions and you have every right to express yours back. You have grown to be such a beautiful young lady who has such an amazing talent. You have given many inspiration through your blogs and have made many friends. You will always find people who don’t agreee with your views and style. This is what celebrities go through every day. We all love and support you and don’t want you to ever change so keep doing your thing. Love Mom.

  22. This maribel girl deserves a cupcake to be shoved down her throat…….The truth is there will always be haters. Thank them because they make you more famous. Jasmin is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!and you know it Maribel…..your just being “bitchy” about it…..get a life bro.

  23. Well said Mom, Joneva &Tia Ruby! But Jas, I really think u have a stalker….LMAO. She probably has ur pic saved as her wallpaper. Que linda! This lady has nothing better to do & seem to have experienced some type of traumatic upbringing. Hope someone finds her some help soon. Luv ya! Keeping doing u !

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