I DIY’d by kitchen Cabinets!

My kitchen is fully decorated in Coca Cola logos, red kitchen wear, red and white gingham, and tons of pinups. While I was cooking, it occurred to me that my cabinets looked a little boring so I decided to print out 2 of my favorite Vargas pinups on regular white sheets of paper. After I printed them out, I measured those little square indents in my cabinet and cut out the pinups to match. Once I was done cutting, I put tape on the back of the prints and placed them perfectly into my cabinet squares and VOILA!

My kitchen is 75% done and when It is I will show you guys more of what it looks like. This is one section of the Kitchen that is almost done.


6 Comments on “I DIY’d by kitchen Cabinets!

  1. That looks great! I should print out more pin-up stuff for my kitchen, since it’s got a retro theme as well. It’s currently white and mint greenish-blueish (we were going for that diner feel) with a Coca-Cola pin-up on of the cabinets. I have to try adding some soft Vargas prints or the like to spice it up, thanks for the idea!

  2. Wow! I remember when we were talking about how you were planning to decorate your apartment and now look. I see it’s coming along very nicely and I’m sure your going to be able to have some nice photo shoots within your own space too. ;o) Can’t wait to see more.

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