Versatile Vintage Finds!

The hiatus is OVER! V.V is back in action! I just moved so this first month has been hectic and I hardly had any time this month to get my fix (vintage shop). The other day I ventured out into my old neighborhood to the Salvation Army on Steinway where I hit the JACKPOT. The dress you see above was on the FLOOR when I found it and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel for finding this gem. It has a built-in CORSET, its backless, and is so versatile since it has a scarf on the neck. I might make this my birthday dress. It only costed me 6.99! Check out the rest of the versatile pieces I found at the Salvation Army inside!

Poor baby was on the floor, good thing I saved her!

(with the scarf)

I love that this dress is a mixture of animal print and graffiti patterns!



I absolutely LOVE the colors and textile on this sheer button down. Welcome to Miami!

I’m addicted to tops like these!


I was also going to purchase this one but didn’t like the material :/

I am not sure what this was when I found it on the hanger, it seemed like a wrap skirt and scarf combo but I created a million things with it and absolutely LOVE it.

(scarf as bandeau top)

(a tube dress with the scarf around the head)

(scarf warped with bra)

(an elegant dress)

I found this top on my way out, I love tops that have a built-in scarf!

I was going to get this dress but the color washed me out. :/

I was intrigued by the pattern on this skirt, I couldn’t resist purchasing it.

Hope you guys enjoy what I purchased, now get your butt on over to your local thrift shops and save yourself some money!


22 Comments on “Versatile Vintage Finds!

  1. if you add some Gold Egyptian inspired Halloween accessories to the first outfit, you can go as a modern twist on Cleopatra for Halloween this year. assuming you don’t already have a costume or idea in mind.

    • Omg you just inspired me! I was cleopatra years ago but come to think of it, it would be kinda dope to be a mummified version of her! You’re the best!

  2. You really know how to work those clothes, you make anything look great. Nice job with the tri-pod.

  3. Oh, nuh-uh! I’m JEAL-OUS! THAT DRESS IS SERIOUSLY…(in your words) WEPA STATUS! Jasmin R.!!! I am just too amazed right now. !!!!!

    Oh, and Ms. Vandal is correct. You could totally be Cleopatra for Halloween this year.

    I was wondering how you’d take pics without the help of Mama Vandal and Baby Sista Vandal, and you seem to have done a-ok.

    Welcome back! So long hiatus!

  4. you absolutely killed these outfits… especially the first one! I so wish I could pull of these looks… but you did it perfectly!

  5. OMG your finds are AMAZING!!! I usually find good but plain stuff at my local thrift shop, maybe I need to venture to some more…that first dress is ridiculously fab!!

  6. OMG no wonder u were so excited about this dress!! its amazing jazzy!!!

    ah i love those types of prints, u should come upstate where i live. we have so many thrift shops and i always find good stuff.

    let’s make a date soon! xoxox

  7. If you ever place the first dress in your online shop, i’m first in line!

    I want that dress! Who the heck is that by?

  8. I will pay anything for that Miami shirt… please email me and let me know if you ever put it up in your shop..

  9. I would have walked past every one of those outfits in the store, you really are so creative! Love all the looks you achieved with the leopard set!
    I would love to dress Vintage but struggle to know what would suit me, cause of my tattoo’s i feel i can’t get away with busy prints like those, what do you think?
    I wear black and Leopard prints a lot!

  10. OMG! I absolutely love the dress! It looks so chic, it looks like a Cavalli dress…SO jealous! You look amazing…You should deffinately do I high fashion shoot in that fit and the hair and makeup are flawless!!!!!!

  11. hey jazz,
    that animal print long sleeve dress is versace, my mom has the same one, I asked her about it and she said versace, and if you go to youtube, type versace Fall 2005 4:45, you got the dress at a bargain my mom paid 580 on sale @ bergdorf she said. GOOD JOB!

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