V.V on Noche Latina!

I used to post most of the press that I get on my blog but have done so many interviews, and have answered so many of the same questions, that I have learned to only post the ones that really challenge me. I don’t want to post anything that comes off repetitive. NocheLatina.com interviewed me for their website and asked me questions that I have never been asked before. What makes this interview special isn’t just the questions but that it targets the Latin community. I love being a latin woman who is on the come-up, I want to be a positive influence on my people as well as others and my blog along with this interview serves as a platform where I can do that.

Noche Latina says:

Can one find glamour at the Salvation Army? Just askVintage Vandalizm (real name Jasmin Rodriguez), whose bombshell beauty and pinup couture makes her one of the coolest Latinas you‘ll ever meet. Guys love her hourglass figure, bedroom eyes, and Bettie Page do, whereas the ladies adore everything she wears, whether it be a Betsey Johnson gown or an old Hollywood-era dress found at a local thrift store. Vintage Vandalizm isn’t just an avid couture collector-she’s also a model, fashion designer, artist, and renowned blogger. Her website allows readers to get a sneak peek into her day-to-day life finding breathtaking outfits minus wallet-emptying prices. Plus, if you need help in channeling your inner screen siren, this Puerto Rican muse can also serve as your personal stylist and shopper. Vintage Vandalizm easily struts and writes her way into your heart and instantly inspires other Latinas to dress up to celebrate their bodies. NocheLatina chats with Vintage Vandalizm about her passion for fashion, how Latinas can feel sexy, and why the Salvation Army can be your new it-place to get glam.

Please click the picture below to view the interview.

Thank you Noche Latina for being so supportive and showing me love.


2 Comments on “V.V on Noche Latina!

  1. I absolutely love that you embrace being latina. It’s good to know there are beautiful powerful women out there representing us. Even more so that you embrace being comfortable with your curves and eating “like a truck driver”. I can’t eat a salad to save my life–gotta have my Colombian food. lol

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