Treasure on Thompson!

It was my friend Lourdes’s birthday last Saturday so I took her out to lunch and strolled around soho with her so she could do some shopping. While we were walking down Thompson Street down to Houston we came across a really cute Vintage shop that I fell in love with called “Vintage”.  The pieces and the prices were incredible considering this is a vintage shop in the city. Most Vintage shops in the city will rob you if you aren’t knowledgeable on where to find the same goods for less.

Here are a few pictures of our day.

How cute is the signage of this shop!

I found this see-through green dress on the sale rack for just $35!

I also found this tuxedo-like dress for the same price!

I loved this fur hat and stole combo! Vintage has really great coats too!

I found a hat to match Lourdes’s outfit! So cute!

I wish I owned every xsmall cocktail dress from the 1950s!

This shop had an incredible selection of dresses mostly ranging from $95 down to $35.

Cute shoes!

This shop also sells an assortment of new and old jewelry.

These gloves are to die for, not bad for $25 but I might be able to find cheaper ones via Ebay.

All A-line dresses should be equipped with a petticoat 😉

Fun Fun Fun! now we were off to Betsey Johnson where Lourdes purchased some jewelry.

It was like 80 degrees out so I wore my Catherine Malandrino tropical fish printed dress with my YSL 6 inch pumps. My earrings are vintage and my belt is Bettie Page.

Lourdes wore an awesome dress she got at a boutique in Forest Hills with an Aldo belt and pumps. Her necklace and earrings are Betsey Johnson.

Good times!


5 Comments on “Treasure on Thompson!

  1. I love that you take pictures of the places you shop. its clear that the way these pieces make there way into your wardrobe has a story! I’m gonna try and bring my camera around with me from now on 🙂

  2. You’re correct. The first time I went to NYC, I was floored by the prices at some vintage stores. They know good and well that they find many of their items at The Army or Willy’s and then mark the prices up by, like, 1,000%! Anyway, I haven’t been thrifting/hunting/vintage-ing in a minute, and this post has inspired me to get busy. San Francisco here I come!

  3. Looking fierce as always! I’m dying to know how big your closet is, I’ve just moved house and I’m struggling to fit in all my clothes and shoes, I’m going to have to archive somehow?

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