Fashion Week: Candon Lucien SS2010 Collection

[I wore a Bettie Page dress with vintage pumps, gloves, glasses, and a Betsey Johnson Bag]

Yesterday I attended the Chandon Lucien SS2010 Collection event to support my unique and talented friend Adrian Farquharson and his partner Chandon Lucien himself. Adrian and Chandon has created a wonderful mens accessory line that exudes class and sophistication. Speaking of class and sophistication, many of the men that attended the event were dressed so eloquently in suits, ties, and hats like the men of the 1950s down to the 30s. I am so happy that Adrian and Chandon created such a great line of accessories and I know that it inspires men to take more time grooming and dressing themselves like they did in the past.

More pics inside!

Please take a look at the collection in this slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Adrian and Chandon

Cheers to Adrian, a great friend and a wonderful designer.

I invited my friend Seth to this event because he loves accessories. Seth is another talented friend of mine who can dance his ass off. Seth is from the broadway play “In the Heights” and has also danced for many famous artists like Madonna and Jay-Z. To the right is his friend who I hear is a very talented actor.

I saw my friend Ludgy at the event too, he is always dressed to perfection. Ludgy is a fashion photographer for Essence Magazine.

I love Seth’s Jacket, it has an old 80’s vintage look to it.

I had to take a picture of Ludgy’s outfit.

Good times!


4 Comments on “Fashion Week: Candon Lucien SS2010 Collection

  1. OMG! That’s my boy Adrian from Art&Design. I’m so proud of him. He’s always been focused and extremely talented. I ❤ HiM!! Looks like good times were had, sorry I missed the festivities.

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