The Capsule Show.

I was invited to the Capsule Show in the city by one of my friends, I had never been to a capsule show so I decided to attend. The Capsule show showcases designer collections from all over the world. This is where buyers can shop for items they want to sell at their shops. Although, in my opinion, many of these designers had like-minded collections supporting the ever-so-popular rock and roll trends, I happened to find some designers that thought outside of the box. This is just my opinion though, I think the Capsule show is a great convention, the staff were friendly, the venue is neatly organized, and I met many great designers. Here are some of my favorites..

I went to the capsule show looking like a Professional gangster/chola. I love cholas and I am constantly inspired by them. My suit is by Twenty8twelve, my Shoes are from Tecasan, my scar, necklace, and purse is vintage, and my earrings are Evol Heist.

Before I headed to the show I went to this empenada spot with my friend Derek where we found cholula hot sauce! I tried it on my empenada and it was soooo good!

This is Raphael Young’s line of handmade shoes. Yes, you heard correctly, he handmade these bad boys.

My favorites.

Camilla Skovgaards collection was feminine and racey. She adds an edge to her collection with grips at the bottoms of her shoes.

I fell in love with these nude ones!

Annabelle by Anna McCraney

I was happy to see some color because many of the collections were of shades of black, grays, and whites. This collection is cute and mod with a touch of shock value with the colors.

Stripes slay me!

Even the jewelry popped. Love the mustards and teals!

Rojas took a different approach to this rock and roll trend, he made his collection fun, retro, and feminine. Nothing about this collection screams angry hipster. If anything this collection has Katy Perry written all over it, in fact she wears his pieces too! This was one of my favorite collections of the show especially since Mr.Rojas himself was friendly and informative about his line. Rojas is based out of LA, its good to see clothing lines go bi-coastal.

Mr. Rojas himself 🙂

This is a printed onesie that I fell in love with. Rojas also has great high-waisted shorts and harem pants.

This shirt has Christians name written all over it. I love the collar!

Rojas stunned me with his color schemes and creativity, I absolutely adored his line.

Pawaka was another one of my favorites. Fah, the designer, is from Bali and created this line with inspiration from her travels. Her line was fun and animated, a bad-girl collection with an island feel. Fahs collection of bathing suits, leather tops and shorts, free-flowing tops, kick-ass accessories, and bold lingerie make a perfect collection.

Look at these!

Her boots were to die for!

Fah is so sweet and gave me this goody bag with a Pawaka top, stickers, and a cute mask!

Dora Mojzes showcased her collection at capsule and had everyone looking twice. Her choice of earthly patterns and Avant Garde accents had me wishing I could buy it all.


This reminds me of Alexander McQueen, I loved both of these pieces by Proust.

DLC Brooklyn caught my attention right away because I immediately knew her stuff was vintage. DLC takes vintage jewels and creates work of art that people advertise everyday within their own style. Her jewelry hypnotized me, the crystals, gold, bronze, and silver chains, and over the top creativity was exactly my style.

Samantha Pleet

Samantha Pleet killed me with this ensemble. The polka-dot bandeau top with matching high-waisted shorts is soooo me.

I came across these Mexican inspired pumps at the Fiel Shoes section, I love cultural textiles as much as I love these pumps!

Osborn also had the same idea of using cultural textiles on their shoes.

Lia Lia uses patterns and textures wisely with this collection, getting it JUST right.

Royal Extreme had the craziest collection with vibrant colors, braided seamed stockings, and bold patterns. I fell in love with everything.

These are the braided seamed thigh-high socks, so innovative!

A friend of mine put me on to Boxing Kitten recently and I was thrilled that I came across a BK concession at the capsule show. Seeing the collection up close was wonderful, BK’s collection is nothing short of amazing even up close.

I love everything about this collection, it has an African Pinup feel to it. It is so innovative and different.

I wanted to take home this jacket!

Jules Power is a collection based out of Canada. This collection was comfortable yet bold. Jules was so sweet and you can tell this collection was all her.

Good times!


6 Comments on “The Capsule Show.

  1. Wow. Such amazing colors and designs. Thanks for sharing, V.V! Btw – I absolutely LOVE your makeup and hair in these photos. It’s got an extra umph 🙂 You look like an Elvgren model!

  2. Hey Jasmin!

    Great to meet you at Capsule! I did the jewelry for the Annabelle line thanks for giving us a shout out. Would love to work with you in the future if you are ever interested!


  3. So much talent. Wow. I’m blown away. This is so crazy. Everything looks great, but my favorite are the handmade shoes and the mod frock.

  4. This is why I love your blog. I’m introduced to all of this amazing talent on the majority of your posts. I am now a fan of Boxing Kitten thanks to you! xoxo

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