V.V featured in YRB MAGAZINE!

I was asked to be in the October Issue of YRB Magazine as one of YRB’s favorite NYC bloggers. I was ecstatic and shocked at the same time to be a part of such a great movement and magazine. I took a sigh of relief as this is just a realization of how my hard work is being noticed, I put so much time and effort into this blog and I am so happy that I am getting recognition for it. I’ve come along way from blogspot and modeling my style in my hallway. I really have all of my readers to thank for making what I do so worth while. Thank you YRB for the love and support and the rest of you readers out there who have been with me now and since day one. ❤

I was so happy to see a full-page spread of my interview and picture by Jason Goodrich. Shooting with Jason was awesome, his work is incredible and I felt very fortunate to have worked with him on this shoot.

Other bloggers like Russel Simmons son Diggy Simmons of digslifeofthejetsetter.blogspot.com, Jared Eng from JustJared.com, John Simon from JohnsimonDaily.com, Micah Jesse from Micahjesse.com, Lauren Sherman from Fashionista.com, Fred M. from Mediatakeout.com, Emeka Obi from Hypebeast.com, Angel Laws from Angelonfire.com, and Matt Cohen of itsbongoboy.com were also featured in this issue. congratulations to all of you and much love and success.

Check out sneak peeks of us on the website!


10 Comments on “V.V featured in YRB MAGAZINE!

  1. Yes! I’m so hapy that you’re getting much deserved recognition. Every time I see mainstream magazines feature bloggers I get wistful; you’re one of the best bloggers, but then I realize that you are one of a kind and mainstream magazines just don’t get “it”. I’m happy for you, and hope that this leads to more recognition/business/clientele for you!!

  2. Simply amazing! I’m so proud of you!! Keep on inspiring….you motivate me for sure 🙂

  3. You definitely deserve that spot. You have exquisite taste and have a wonderful personality are humble and confident..a perfect balance).

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