Fashion Week: Stærk Spring/Summer 2011 Presentation

The other day I was invited by my friend Andrea to the Staerk Spring/Summer 2011 presentation at Milk studios. After seeing Camilla’s (the Designer) collection at a shop on Bond street I couldn’t resist attending this event. I invited my friend Sarah and Jose to accompany me and we had an awesome time. There were crocodile skinned bathing suits and high-waisted shorts, long frocks, leather dresses, and more.. Every time I see Camilla’s work I am in awe of her pure yet dark mash-ups. She creates amazing contrasts effortlessly with  every collection. Everything a girl needs to start off Spring and Summer.

Sarah and I had the same Idea that day 😀

Lately I have been inspired by Matadors and this is what I came up with on this rainy day. I personally think I did it better last night when I attended the Marco Hall event at the Time hotel. My jacket and purse is Vintage, my shirt is Bernie Dexter, my pants are Erin Fetherston, and my boots are Alexander McQueen.

Me and Sarah, Love her!

Jose looking dapper.:D

I want it ALL!

I love the soft waves and dark lips.

Even the accessories caught my eye, seems as though it took great thought to put it together. Camilla must be a perfectionist, that’s the best way to be.

I love that long leather dress and the blazer with pants combo.

Great collection!


Good times!


3 Comments on “Fashion Week: Stærk Spring/Summer 2011 Presentation

  1. 1. Love when you rock that hat!

    2. Sara is cute as a button

    3. Umm he’s hot

    4. Loves the collection!

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