Fashion’s night out!

[I took this picture and I love it because it’s in remembrance of 9/11. The lights lit up the city and my heart goes out to anyone affected by the tragedy of 9/11.]

Yesterday was Fashion’s night out and instead of staying home like I did last year, I decided to attend events with my girl Mimi Loubou. The streets were flooded with fashionistas of all kinds, it was almost impossible to get down a block without crowds of people blocking your path. Mimi and I decided to keep it low-key and went to the more comfortable shops that had good crowds but weren’t tooo crowded.

I wore a vintage yellow suit with a vintage stole, YSL pumps, a patent leather belt, and my vintage Chanel bag. My earrings are a gift from my good friend Tilt. I love to add a pinch of humor to my outfits to water them down sometimes, I think people take fashion too seriously sometimes. Mimi looked ravishing in a sequin jacket, a long white button down, black pants, and some cute boots. I absolutely love Mimi when her hair is pulled back, everyone was commenting on how model-esque she looked yesterday.

I love this girl!

Take a look inside to see more pictures and the rest of our adventures at Fashions night out.

This is Jean, I loved her and her friend Valerie. Their hats where to die for and they looked amazing!

Check out there blog!

Off to Y-3!

I love these shoes!

This is my favorite picture of the night!

Mimi found a great pair of shoes too!

You go girl!

At another shop loving the bags!

Girls were dancing up a storm!

I still dont get it but ok!

lol! rawr!

Bond Street was live!

Go Mimi!

Pat Fields!

I want it all!


You bad girl!

My favorite mannequin for a million reasons.

Bling bling!


Free Mascara? Why not!

Michelle Seville Anastos section. She designed everything in this picture.

This is Michelle, so creative!

I love the MSA sticker!

Loved these girls!


Posing with one of my readers, it was so awesome to meet such a lovely girl who is supportive of my website!

Mimi Fierce!

Off to the Freshthetic shop for their Warriors event with my friend Derek! At the shop were custom vests made by various artists. The creativity was incredible.


It’s a train!


I spy with my little eye something that looks like Derek’s work!


A screening of The Warriors, this is my mothers favorite movie!

Derek and Mikey!

So cute!

I’ll end this post with a cute little boy who had a flower nose! So cute!



12 Comments on “Fashion’s night out!

  1. You guys looked so great! I love your hair. Tutorial, yes? It looks like it could be very simple to do. Mimi looks so different with her hair pulled back; I love it.

    AGH! YOU GUYS ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! And Derek is so cute! LOL


  2. The Grace Jones Jacket is SICK!
    Thanks for the love yall! Jasmine it was great hanging with u it’s been forever!!!! Again yellow suit AMAZING!

  3. AWW im so bummed i did not see you at Pat Fields.. i was hoping i would. you look great..

  4. Ahhh you both looked amazing, and this post makes me really wanna come visit NY, Patricia Fields looks like a dangerous store to visit! So much amazing stuff!
    We had a fashion night out in AZ, but it sucked.

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