Furniture shopping at IKEA!

As most of you know from my last video, I just moved into my own place. I desperately need furniture and have been comparing prices and items from different shops. I have never been to Ikea and everyone has been telling me to go, including my boy Joovay who was awesome enough to take me there along with my bestie Christian. Christian just moved out as well so it was perfect that he came with us because he needs furniture too. We went to the Ikea in Brooklyn and I was pleased with the prices when I got there but I wasnt too pleased with how modern it was until I found really great items that totally fit my style. I am into antiques and antique-looking things and there were a few things that caught my eye throughout the shop. Overall I would say Ikea is great, we even ate there and the food was cheap and delish! Here are some pics of our awesome time at Ikea.

Look at that VIEW! I fell in love with the pier surrounding Ikea.

My bff Christian looking ravishing! ❤

My boy Joovey joovz! He didn’t want to take pictures lolol

This bathroom was fun lol


Christian found himself a dream closet!

Well don’t you look dapper!

I found myself a dream shoe rack lol. Only this one isn’t enough for the amount of shoes I own! lol

I love these little corner tables. I also love the prices. $79!

This is a cute couch for my living room area, I want the theme to be Dia De los Muertos so I gotta have some RED! Just $99!

I am planning to get this bed, it’s just $150! I plan to paint the iron gold to go along with the Dia De los Muertos theme.

I plan to get this mattress too, Christian seems to like it too! Sleep overs! lololol

I need a vanity BAD, I have always wanted one and this one is perfect for my closet space! I want it!!!!! $299


Me likey. meow.

I even want the little chandelier! $39.99!

The food was DELISH! Christian and I got pasta and salad for just $4.99! and Joovay ordered 2 meals for about 10 bucks! I demolished my lunch!

Food makes us happy lolol

I LOVE this picture frame, it looks just like the ones I have on my website menu! Just $29.99!

This is a cute little cupboard, I think I might need this too!

I’ll let you guys know how it turned out, stay tuned!

Good Times!


7 Comments on “Furniture shopping at IKEA!

  1. have you seen 500 days of summer? these pictures reminded me of the scene when they were at ikea and played house

    & lmao at the pic of you with the THIS SHIT WONT COME OUT face ..that is tooo funny

  2. I am very, very happy for you! I love IKEA, and I fell in love with the awesome view the BK IKEA has!

    Also, Christian, I’m mad at you because that striped blazer you have reminds me of a Givenchy blazer that I was lusting over this spring!

    Congrats, Jasmin! Best wishes with your move and furniture hunt!

  3. Try the swedish meatballs, they are the BEST!!!!!!!!!………….where did u move, i have a couple a friends who live near that ikea in park slope and all they buy is vintage furniture, a tip: @ ikea they have an as is section: take a look there, you find amazing furniture for a great price

  4. Hey there doll! There is a great website of an amazing artist who sells Dia De Los Muertos art, she even has Frida Kahlo art (she has done). She has jewelry, art of course and other trinkets. I love her work and think you will too. Her website is


  5. I love that picture frame also. Saw it last week at the Ikea in Hicksville. Must have! They had some very cool looking retro items.

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