V.V x Annie Greenabelle!

[Photographer: Yumna Hair/MUA/Stylist: Me V.V]

This blog post features a stripe bandeau body suit and dress by Annie Greenabelle.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with Yumna again to shoot for Annie Greenabelle. Yumna is an incredible ARTIST, I say that because her work is far from the norm. Yumna is able to capture emotions and vibrant colors through her photography and cinematography skills. Her work is grade A material and I love collaborating with her.

Annie Greenabelle is an ethical women’s clothing brand who’s garments are made predominantly from organic and Fair trade certified cotton. They combine this with the use of reclaimed fabrics that adds variety and means there are never many of the same items around.

Annie Greenabelle doesn’t believe that anyone or anything should be treated badly in the pursuit of a ‘bargain’ piece of clothing, that is why all the factories comply with the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) base code.

Visit the Annie Greenabelle shop!

Visit Yumnas website or Blog!


9 Comments on “V.V x Annie Greenabelle!

  1. I love this photo set! Beautiful! It reminds me of the pop kitsch photos from the 50’s but so much more timeless!

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