Motel Rocks Contest #3!

I promised my readers more contests and here it is! I love you all so to show how thankful I am, I am giving away this Motel Rocks Jean dress for FREE!

It is a Size small and fits anyone who is a size 0-4. If this dress isn’t your size, I apologize but you can always buy the dress on the website!

All you have to do is follow vintagevandalizm on twitter or become a fan on facebook and explain why you should win!

Don’t forget to visit the Motel Rocks store for more great apparel!

Note* when you leave a comment, don’t forget to give me your email!


12 Comments on “Motel Rocks Contest #3!

  1. The reason i believe i should win is because i am a very dedicated FAN of yours. Thoe i’ve only been reading this blog for a yrs or more, i never miss a post. I love to read everything you post no matter what its about. I believe a dedicated fan is some1 whos always there reading and waiting for NEW post and pics also someone who trys to be apart of your website by doing all these contest. I love you V.V your agreat inspiration to us all..

  2. I believe I should win because I’ve never won anything online. Plus I want to revamp my closet with cute dresses & such and change my style up. && I loves your blog <333 durr. xoxoxo

  3. I now follow you on Twitter & I’m a fan on facebook. I’d love to win this dress because first things first- it’s super sexy and I love that it has your seal of approval. lol I just recently found your blog but I look forward to every post and am dying over your styling and vintage finds. I really enjoy thrifting, so I loveeee hearing about good finds. I like that you mix new styles, like this dress, with gorgeous vintage finds. It makes for fashion that really inspires me & you always look really beautiful!

    Take Care 🙂


  4. MOTEL ROCKS and so does V.V. !! this little number is just want i need to add to my wardrobe, and who couldn’t use a little V.V. style??? But I deserve it more 😉

  5. I’d love to win the Motel Rocks jean dress! Why? Because I am an avid reader of your blog and I’m totally inspired by your sassy vintage fashion sense 🙂 I follow you on FB, Twitter, and I’ve checked out just about all of your blog posts and constantly refer back to your different images for ideas when dressing up. Every time I check email and see “VINTAGE VANDALIZM” in the sender column, I smile cuz that means you’ve posted something new 🙂 I’m so excited that you’ll be posting more videos & tutorials! Oh, and lastly – I’m a size 2!

    • Congratulations! Luz

      Too bad your not in NY, you could teach me how to dance some Salsa.

      • Thanks! I’m so excited about it. I never win anything! I go up there often… NYC is like the mambo mecca! If you ever need info on lessons, let me know. The dancing there is amazing!

  6. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS DRESS!!! Seriously, I would love to own this. I’m eighteen years old but i’m in love with all things vintage. I actually have a fourteen month old son, Cade, and since i’ve had him I don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on myself. Cade’s father and myself are not together anymore and he doesn’t help out at all. I’ve been very blessed to have the help of my family. My grandmother actually took me shopping after I had Cade but i’ve lost quite a bit of weight since then. I’m not saying I deserve this dress anymore than the next person but it definatly caught my eye and I am very much in love with it.

    Here’s my email:
    and my name is Briana Merritt.

  7. I believe I should win because one of my goals this year is so develop my personal style. I’m at university here in nyc and while I hate getting in a jeans/sweats rut, its almost always inevitable. BUT NO MORE! I want to release my inner fashion vixen and look put together where ever I go. Its one of the main reasons why I admire you and follow your blog–you always look sharp where ever you go and you truly exemplify the concept of personal style. Your style is absolutely yours and I want to have one that mine too. Step 1 in this direction would be to over haul my wardrobe and this dress could be my first piece. 🙂

  8. I’m your newest fan on FB! But seriously, that dress is so cute and edgy! What an awesome contest. It’s just very unique, like your style, and that’s why I would love to win it!

    Your blog is one of my favorites, keep being awesome! 🙂

    – Sydni

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