The other day I hung out with my friend Wven and he took me to this AMAZING shop called FUEGO in Williamsburg. I am infatuated with Dia De Los Muertos so when he brought me the shop, I nearly died. I went to Mexico a few years ago and fell in love with the culture and art there. While I was in Mexico, I went crazy buying Dia De los Muertos artifacts, sugar skulls, and other artsy crafty stuff sold there. I have been anticipating a new trip to Mexico just to buy more stuff but now, after finding Fuego, I just have to head down to good ol’ Brooklyn.

Fuego is full of Mexican culture and the customer service is amazing. The owner of the shop was incredibly sweet and informative about his products. It just so happens when we arrived at the shop, everything was 40% off. Even though I wasnt supposed to spend money, I ended up leaving with a purse and a flask. Wven got some stuff too, I love him for taking me to such an amazing shop.

You don’t want to miss the pics! Click below!

lol look at the stripper on the pole!! lmaoooo

Love love love love love.

I am obsessed with those bronze hearts.

So beautiful, Wven has one of these crosses.

Lanterns ❤

Mexico supports the gays!<3

Getting one of these the next time I return.

Frida everywhere!

One of these went home with me. har har


One of these went home with me too, and I don’t drink! Juicing it!

Card cases!


Antique necklaces!

I spy with my little eye, Wven in a heart. ❤


hand painted beaded curtains!


Art work and vintage purses!

Frida Kahlo paper doll!

So awesome..

These are the items that left with me that day!

Good times!


6 Comments on “Fuego!

  1. yay jasmin! my sis told me about this shop, made her feel like shes back at home 🙂 great shots!

  2. thanks so much for sharing. i am heading over there asap. how were the prices? is it mexican owned? i picked up a beautiful sugar skull while i was in mexico a few weeks ago but i want more, more, more things =)

  3. Nice to know that I don’t have to go to Mexico to pick up such amazing items. I went to the Children’s Museum of Brooklyn and was so excited when I saw their “Dia De Los Muertos” display.

  4. wow, everything is so, so beautiful! I love religious iconography, especially on jewelry. Thanks for sharing, just recently discovered your blog and it’s really amazing gurrrrl 🙂

  5. i would love to get one of those flasks, and purses and one of everything haha ;D
    i visited their website but their online shop isnt running yet :/

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