V.V revamps Joshua Carillo’s wardrobe!

[How amazing are these kicks? I wish they were for females!]

Hairstylist Joshua Carillo hired me to help him revamp his wardrobe and to also style him for a 1920’s event he was attending. I was delighted to finally style a guy, especially one I am familiar with. We hit the jackpot at my favorite spots for men and Joshua is already prepared for Fall and Winter. Here are some pictures I shot of the things he purchased and the things I was swooning over.

I picked these up while looking for a great pair of shoes for Josh. I love the fact that they are plain black but have stripe detail on the inside. LOVE stripes.

We were on the hunt for the perfect vest and we found more than one! I wanted to give Joshua a look inspired by Alexander McQueen’s Fall/Winter 2009 collection but we didn’t find the perfect hat in time.

I am officially in love with mens shoes. They look like candy!

These were beat up but Josh and I loved them, they are different and unique.

Joshua knew he had to leave with these. The color of these boots just pop.

Because we couldn’t find the perfect hat for the McQueen look, I improvised and had Josh try on paper boy hats for a 1920s paper boy look. We also found a Diesel vest that worked perfectly with a few tees we found.

I happened to find a hat that matched a sweater vest perfectly and there was his outfit. This vest with a vintage T-shirt, tan corduroy pants, and those boots he purchased made the entire outfit complete. I just wish I had a photo to show you guys!

This was another cool ensemble we configured, as I said before, I LOVE stripes.

4 shopping bags later…Joshua was ready to conquer fall and his 1920s event.

[For personal shopper rates please email me at vvmgmt@gmail.com]


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